red hollow slot canyon in orderville, utah

red hollow slot canyon orderville utah

Goodness, what a week. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve likely seen by now that our road trip derailed around Boise, Idaho on Monday. We pushed onwards, adjusting course slightly, and made it to Salt Lake City, where the stomach virus picked us off. We changed course again and decided to head further South to Cedar City, Utah, to hunker down with Ryan’s parents and recover. Thankfully, Wednesday was a blissfully uneventful day, and we decided to actually indulge in our travel plans, heading out to hike the slot canyon in Red Hollow in Orderville, Utah.

Red Hollow Slot Canyon

Southern Utah is famed for its red rocks, arches, and national parks, and more. Since we’re unaccustomed to Utah’s heat these days, we knew we wanted to hike, but we wanted to play it a little safer than usual. So, we decided to make the drive from Cedar City to Orderville, Utah, to explore the Red Hollow slot canyon. If you’ve never seen a slot canyon before, they’re basically narrow gorgeous in soft rocks like Utah’s sedimentary deposits.

Red Hollow trail is the ideal introduction to slot canyons because it features a shorter trail, a generally accessible canyon to navigate, and a bit of a challenge at the end – if you’re into that kind of thing. We got there about 10:45 AM, and it was already almost 90 degrees, so we knew we wanted to book it to the canyon for shade and a little respite from the sun.

easy slot canyon utah

red hollow slot canyon

Red Hollow Canyon Hike

While Utah is famed for its slot canyons like The Subway and The Narrows, Red Hollow in Orderville offers a perfect introduction to hiking in hot climates, slot canyons, and more. Basically, it’s a huge payoff for minimal effort all around. Like many hikes out here though, you’re essentially hiking in a desert, so it adds a fun challenge to your hike (and is vastly different than some of our favorite hikes in Washington!)

Is Red Hollow Slot Canyon Worth It?

Without a doubt – yes! Mieke was pretty sick all this past week, but we had a day of calm in the middle of the storm that made for the perfect adventure day. The boys did great hiking different terrain, and Spencer really loved attempting the rope ladder at the end of the canyon. We didn’t make it all the way to the top because our grappling skills are subpar at best, but it was fun to try! Plus, the temperature drops about 20 degrees once you enter the canyon, so it offers a fun break from the heat. Even Mieke, who did the entire hike in the Deuter, seemed to enjoy the canyon and seeing how to red rocks just soak up the sun.

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Tips for Hiking Red Hollow Slot Canyon in Orderville, Utah

Trail Length: Roundtrip, this trail is right about 2 miles

Level of Difficulty: This trail is easy, but it does require some scrambling in certain spots, so you’ll need to have the mobility to do so

Cost: This one is free!

Dogs: Yes! Dogs are allowed on leash

Tips: Hydrate if you plan to do this one in the heat of the summer, and either go early or late to avoid the worst heat of the day. Definitely wear sunscreen, as well. If you are babywearing, note that this one requires some scrambling, and the canyon narrows significantly at certain points, which makes it a bit tricky with a backpack carrier. It is possible though!