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bird sori cafe pyeongtaek

South Korea is known for a great many things, but one of the biggest things people it’s known for is its legendary theme cafes. From cat cafes to pop culture cafes (think: Harry Potter), flower cafes to board game cafes, there is truly a cafe in South Korea for absolutely everyone. Since moving to our new place in Sosabeul, we have prime access to great shops, as well as a host of great cafes, including Bird Sori parrot cafe here in Pyeongtaek.

Bird Sori Cafe Pyeongtaek

Since the temperatures have been in the upper 90s most days with humidity levels reaching nearly 100%, we’ve been trying to find a good blend of both indoor and outdoor activities while we acclimate to South Korea’s summer weather. A cursory Google search showed we lived in walking distance of no less than eight great cafes, one of which was Bird Sori parrot cafe here in Pyeongtaek.

On a particularly hot Sunday, we decided that we’d take a midday walk to downtown Sosabeul and check out Bird Sori for ourselves. For those who are curious, Sosabeul is a very walkable area of Pyeongtaek city. While plenty of people do drive in, the parking garages tend to be expensive on weekends, and parking can be hard to come by. So, the fact that we are less than half a mile away from Sosabeul center is a huge plus. Bird Sori is directly across from the park, too, which made for an ideal late afternoon getaway.

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What We Thought of Bird Sori

I was really excited to go to our first theme cafe here in South Korea, and Bird Sori didn’t disappoint! The only real bummer is that they weren’t serving any coffees when we went, so Ryan and I didn’t get anything. The kiddos, however, were quite happy with their sagwa juseu (apple juice). The real highlight of Bird Sori is that once you pay your entry fee and sit down, the give you a perch, a cup of food, and bring a couple birds to your table…no lie.

Our waiter…bird provider…whomever he was, brought us a couple of spicy little parakeets first. They were quite food motivated, and when they pecked Mieke, she lost her mind. The boys, however, were in heaven. Thankfully, the cafe owner noticed we had parakeets and, instead, brought us two gentler birds who, instead, decided to take roost on my shoulders and quite literally peck my mask off my face. They were hilarious and much more gentle.

Honestly, the experience was wild (pun intended)! It was such a fun – and funny – introduction to theme cafes here in South Korea, and the boys keep asking when we can go again. We’ll definitely go back sometime, but we can’t wait to find another one soon!

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Is Bird Sori Kid-Friendly?

I had a hard time finding a lot of reliable information regarding Bird Sori in Pyeongtaek, so I wanted to share the little bit that we learned and found since going. Here’s what you should know about Bird Sori parrot cafe in Pyeontaek:

Cost: There is a 7,000 Won entry fee per person for each individual over the age of two.

Time Limit: You can pretty much stay as long as you want! We stayed for about an hour and a half, playing with the birds, watching them fly, and walking around the place.

Age Requirements: There are none. Children and adults of all ages are welcome, and we saw everyone from a little baby to an elderly grandmother. Just remember that they are birds, and it’s quite likely one or more of them may peck.

What to Know Before You Go: Bring an extra mask. The birds pecked my disposable mask right off, and I’m glad I had a reusable replacement available. We also brought our own baby wipes, though they have some on the tables. The birds are wild, and birds will poo as birds do…so, be prepared!

How to Get to Bird Sori: There is a parking garage below the art convention building directly next to Bird Sori, and it opens around 11 AM. Use this address in  Naver: 경기 평택시 비전5로 20-44