currently: the july in korea edition

july in korea

Happy Friday, friends! I’m still completely off on my days over here, and I’m not sure when exactly it’ll kick in that my family’s Thursday is our Friday (and so on and so forth). Doing 14 days of quarantine didn’t help with that because we completely lost track of our days – is that what prison is like?! We’re out though, and we’ve had our first taste of freedom, and it’s been hard but oh-so good. We’re gearing up for our first adventures this weekend, and I cannot wait. But for now, it’s time Currently, the July in Korea edition. It’s a monthly feature from Anne in Residence where we share five things we’re doing this month. Ready?

Currently: The July in Korea Edition

Eating // We’ve had entirely too much takeout here lately, and I’m pretty much done with delivery, too. I’m excited to eat real Korean food, but I’m craving home-cooked meals, too! I actually cooked in our hotel tonight, and it was so good to have actual fresh vegetables in our meal. Who knew, right?

Feeling // I’m alternating between anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, and excited. Much of South Korea just announced we’re at Stage 4 restrictions, severely limiting gatherings to just two people and effectively closing bars and clubs, while further limiting dining establishments, etc., due to the rise of COVID cases. I’m really overwhelmed that we’re diving back into this, but I’m doing my best to stay hopeful. I’m glad we’re finally here though.

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househunting in korea

lotte invens pyeongtaek

vertium sosabul

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Going // We’ve been going on a lot of house hunting visits! We saw a few places this morning, and we saw a bunch more this afternoon. One really stuck out to us though, so please cross your fingers for us! We’re hoping to hear something more about it in the next week!

Ordering // I haven’t ordered anything but food in a hot minute because, y’know…quarantine. I’m hopeful we’ll get our APO though soon so I can order some things to be shipped here from Amazon because #American.

Realizing // OCONUS moves are a many, many faceted thing. There’s so much more to them than packing and getting on an airplane. It’s about finding a place to live, dealing with culture shock, learning new cultural norms, navigating life in these COVID times, a lot of togetherness that can be completely overwhelming, and so much more. It’s a complete upheaval, and it’s hard. I’m looking forward to the day our place is our home for the next few years.

I realized when writing this that we have so much of our July yet to spend in and enjoy Korea. I know that things may be overwhelming, but we are so excited to get started putting down some roots, and we pray that someday soon we’ll be able to better navigate life without COVID.

Tell me – what does your July look like? What are you eating, feeling, going, ordering, and realizing?