slowly getting settled in south korea

getting settled in south korea

Okay; you’re reading it here first. I was entirely unprepared for just how hard an OCONUS PCS was going to be. Logically, I knew there were going to be a million different moving parts, but I don’t think I knew just how detailed and difficult each one would be. We are slowly getting settled in South Korea, but let me tell you – it’s not going to happen overnight. We’ve made big strides in our nearly three weeks here, but we have a long way to.

We signed a lease on our apartment here in South Korea today, and that was probably one of our biggest accomplishments thus far. We dropped a few bags off this evening, and we’re actually going to move in tomorrow, marking the start of our third week in this country in style! We have a lot to learn about our apartment. It’s a little further from base near downtown Sosabul, but it’s definitely not far. I can’t wait to share more about it in the next few weeks and – good news – our unaccompanied baggage is being delivered next Tuesday!

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We also bought a second car for our time in South Korea today. Here’s a fun coincidence for you. We had just started looking for a second set of wheels when Ryan’s cousin tagged me in one of her friends’ posts. That friend is here in South Korea,  and she was selling her car. In our desired price range. Happy to take a check. Grew up near where Ryan did. Needless to say, the deed is done, and now we’re the proud owners of both a Kia Carnival and a Kia Morning.

Best of all, we’ve managed to stay in touch with our friends from quarantine, which has been such a huge blessing. I think when you share an experience like 14 days in the “big house,” you kind of get to really know each other, and it helps when your kids get along. We visited the splash pad on post, which was perfect for a hot, humid day, we’ve ventured to a few playgrounds, and we’re enjoying a sense of camaraderie in our new country. Needless to say, we’re blessed beyond measure.

As we’re slowly getting settled in South Korea, I’m excited to share the journey because this is such a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can’t wait to share more about why we chose our new home in South Korea, what we’re planning for the kids’ school here, and where we adventure next. Let’s do this!