the original quarantine crew

original quarantine crew

It’s release week! Two more full days, and the Moore family can bid these quarantine barracks adieu and start the process of actually moving and integrating into our new country. I mentioned last week that quarantine at Camp Humphreys is hard – and I’d imagine that quarantine at any OCONUS duty station is pretty difficult – but we’ve been blessed beyond measure here. We found the original quarantine crew here in building 6391, all of us sharing one floor and one insane military experience together.

OCONUS PCS moves are crazy in the best of times. Add in COVID and force families to quarantine together, not to mention in the barracks? Chaos. I feel like that’s been a bit of a theme for 2021 thus far, but this has been a true blessing in disguise.

what is quarantine like at camp humphreys

what is quarantine like with kids

quarantine with families

camp humphreys sunset

Half of our quarantine crew springs out of the joint tomorrow, heading off to find their new homes, schools, and adventures in South Korea. We will be officially released from quarantine on Thursday, and we’re beyond excited. Some friends have asked whether we have a place lined up yet. The answer is no. We’re still waiting for some answers from housing, but we hope to have more direction this week. Regardless, we’ll be moving into a hotel on Thursday where we’ll remain until we move into our new home for the next few years.

Our goal this holiday weekend has been to spend time with the quarantine crew. Get a few workouts in. Do our best to enjoy this ridiculous challenge as much as possible – and I’d say we have. Best of all, Korea treated us to a spectacular sunset whilst the kids played together one last time in quarantine, and it made it that much more special. All that said…we cannot wait to be released this week!

Tell me – how was your holiday weekend?