5 on friday: wins for the week

wins for the week mid august

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these, but in the midst of craving normalcy (like I mentioned in my last post), I feel like posts like these are needed. Settling into life and living in South Korea has been nothing short of an adventure so far, but finding our new normal is just as important. So, as we get back to the nitty gritty, find our pace, and settle into our routine, I’m getting back in the groove of things slowly again. It’s time for some wins for the week!

Wins for the Week

1 // The boys had their first Korean academy lesson

Our incredible realtor, Ann, from Ann Yang Realty, has been a true godsend in helping us get settled and find our footing here in South Korea. When we first moved here, I told her that one of the most important things to us was enrolling the boys in Korean school. Because of Covid, we can’t enroll them in public school this year, but she helped us find an academy – a hagwon – where a teacher comes to us and works with the boys each Friday with basic Korean language to prepare them going forward. They loved it, and we’re so excited.

korean lessons south korea

2 // We’re closing on our New York home today

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you know that we own a home by Fort Drum. We’ve been working for quite some time to sell it, and we’re finally at our closing day. I’m so excited to close this chapter for us, and I’m so grateful our little house will have a wonderful new family within those walls

3 // Mieke finished her first full week of Korean preschool

We had a bit of a rough start after two(+) months of togetherness through this OCONUS PCS, but Mieke successfully transitioned back to preschool. She is taught in Korean each day, she eats traditional Korean meals, and we’ve already seen her listen and respond to multiple Korean phrases. She even came home calling Ryan “appa,” which is “dad” in Korean.

camp humphreys outdoor pool

camp humphreys pool hours

running south korea wins for th week

4 // The boys and I have had some mommy/buddy time

While it’s been a huge blessing to have all three home with me, I’m grateful to have been able to have some one-on-one time with my boys lately. They’ve both needed it, especially because Mieke is at the age where she still really needs us all the time. The boys and I went to a play cafe, and indoor playground, and the pool together this week, and Spencer almost passed his swim assessment, only missing the 5-meter underwater swim.

5 // I’m slowly learning our new neighborhood by running through it

One of the things we love the most about Korea is just how safe it is. I’ve gone running nearly every morning, and not once have I felt anything but completely safe. Our little city isn’t huge, but it’s a bit of a maze, and I’ve been having a blast running through the parks, along the city streets, and soaking up my surroundings. The longer we’re here, the more it feels like home.

We’re gearing up for our second hike in South Korea this weekend, and I’m sure that’ll make our wins for the week next week. This time, however, I’m grateful for those silver linings in the midst of all the chaos because they help tether us to sanity. So, needless to say, we’re excited for a weekend of fun and togetherness ahead!

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?