currently: the august in korea edition

currently august in korea

It’s time for my favorite monthly feature again, and this time we’re coming at you with Currently: The August in Korea edition! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been in Korea for about six weeks now. Obviously, two of those weeks were spend in quarantine, but that means we’ve had almost a whole month out of quarantine to learn to live, love, and explore our new country. So, once again, I’m linking up with Anne from Anne in Residence for her monthly feature, sharing five things we’re currently doing this month.

Currently: The August in Korea Edition

Admiring // Right now, I’m admiring a bunch of things! If we’re talking face value, I’m admiring Korean fashion and how the women here manage to pull of shapeless dresses in a way I’ll never quite manage – and look chic while doing so. If we’re going a little deeper, I’m admiring the Korean people and their resilience in the face of intense restrictions, nonstop mask wearing, and a lack of access to the vaccine.

Anticipating // I’m anticipating the start of school for my kiddos! The kids have been out of school since the end of May when we left on our roadtrip to Utah to bid farewell to family, which basically means they’ve been with me 24/7 since then. I adore my kiddos, but I’m not afraid to admit that I’m ready for a) some me time and b) some structure in our lives again.

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Enjoying // I’m enjoying finding new running routes around our new home in Sosabeol! This city is pretty neat; it’s like a maze, and I make a new challenge of running whichever way I can avoid stoplights each evening because, otherwise, I have to stop for 2-3 minutes at every light, which is less than ideal. It’s been fun to put some miles on my legs again even though running with a mask is painful.

Spending // We’re spending time together as a family on weekends and doing our best to make a concerted effort to see, do, and explore as much as possible. I was looking through our bucket list today, and I realized that between our trip to Gakwonsa Temple, visiting Daechon Beach, Jade Cave, and more, we’ve already checked off seven items!

Saving // Right now, I’m saving all sorts of inspiration on my phone for my first photography sessions here in Korea. I did a model call to kickstart things in our new country, and I’m excited to get the camera out and take photos of families other than my own again!

Tell me – what are you admiring, anticipating, enjoying, spending, and saving this month? Link up with the August edition of Currently today!