currently: the september in korea edition

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Happy Friday, friends, and happy September! It feels crazy to me that we’ve already reached September again. Somewhere in the throes of the OCONUS moving process, I feel like we lost a good chunk of our summer. Some of it was spent in quarantine. Some of it was spent on the roadtrip to end all roadtrips. Some of it was spent living without furniture in a new country and attempting to settle in. But we’re here. It’s September, and it’s time for Currently: The September in Korea Edition. This monthly feature from Anne in Residence is one of my favorites, and you should definitely join in!

Currently: The September in Korea Edition

1 // Beginning

We’re beginning to find our footing in our new schedule! The school year started this week for our boys, and Mieke is on her third full week of Korean preschool. Little by little, even with bouts of homesickness, we’re beginning to learn our new routine, the best routes to school, and the paths of least resistance to get ready for each day. I’m grateful for a chunk of actual alone time, too, which has been so needed.

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2 // Ending

I’m ending my hiatus from photography! My little business took a back seat through this PCS process, but now that we’re officially home in South Korea, I’m eager to dive in and get started. I have my first family session in Korea this weekend, and I’m so excited to get started.

3 // Loving

While so much of the Eastern hemisphere remains off limits to us, we’re loving the opportunity we have to explore close to our new home here in South Korea. We ventured to Seoul for the first time last weekend, we’ve visited the beautiful Gakwonsa temple, explored two beaches, and have even kicked off our hiking adventures! I’m eager to continue, and I’m loving this opportunity we have as a family.

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4 // Picking

We’re busy picking our next family hike! Hiking here is a little different than in Washington. We have to ensure all our hikes are in green (COVID accessible) zones, and then we need to ensure that we are acclimated enough to complete the hike. Mieke has backtracked a bit in both her desire and ability to hike in the time we were forced to take a break, but we’re eager to get more miles on our legs and explore more beautiful places.

5 // Posting

I’m honestly posting more on my photography instagram than on my personal instagram these days! I’m really enjoying the creative side of things while the personal side feels somewhat cluttered right now. There’s so much going on in the world that I find sometimes it’s best for me to step back from the personal space and, instead, find peace in the creative space.

Have you linked up with Anne’s feature this month?! I invite you to share your current September happenings, including what you’re beginning, ending, loving, picking, and posting.