5 on friday: what’s new with the moores

what's new with the moores

Hi friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted well…or regularly…or with great intent, and I’m hoping that things will change soon. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about what’s new with the Moores. It’s been a season of great displacement for the Moore family, which we knew it would be moving from Washington to South Korea, but it’s taken much longer than anticipated. Then, to top it all off, we’ve been really struggling with schedules and scheduling based on where we live in Sosabeol. We made the tough decision this week to call it now, and we’re going to move closer to base.

On a good day with very little traffic, it takes me about 35 minutes to take Mieke to school. On a bad day, it takes an hour to take her to school, then another 30ish minutes to get home. On the days I take all the kids to school, I’m in the car for about 3+ hours to and from post. Ryan gets stuck in long jams home from work each day, and it’s been really hard. So, we’ll be picking up (again) and moving closer to post soon. That’s the big news here now…so onto the Friday 5.

What’s New with the Moores

1 // The Beep Beep is gone

Since Ryan crashed the Kia Morning last week, we have a new (to us) second car – a Samsung S5. It’s a solid sedan, and I think it’ll be both safer and more comfortable for those days we decide to roadtrip in that car vs. my car. Korean driving is crazy, so I’m glad we have more reliable wheels!

2 // I have a full day of mini sessions in Seoul tomorrow

I’ve struggled a little getting my photography business up and running here in South Korea, but I’m excited to do a day full of mini sessions in the Namsan area of Seoul tomorrow for K16 families. Fall has finally arrived here, and I’m excited to capture it, as well as other military families.

what's new with the moores

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3 // I signed up to work with a running dietician

I haven’t done a ton of stuff for me in a long time. I do little things, but I always hesitate to really invest in myself because it’s hard. It’s uncomfortable to put myself first and in the limelight. Since my Lyme Disease, the PCS, all of it, I’ve struggled to accomplish many – if any – athletic goals – and I finally went ahead and signed a contract to work with the Running Dietician to help accomplish some big goals. I’m hoping it will also help heal my relationship with food.

4 // Halloween is looking a little different this year

Fun fact: Camp Humphreys is not trick-or-treating on Halloween this year. Instead, they’re trick-or-treating on Saturday and, unfortunately, I’ll be in Seoul for photography work. We will, however, also do some truck-or-treating this evening, so I’ll get to see my babies in there element and in their costumes, too, and I can’t wait!

5 // I’m ordering Christmas cards next week

Don’t like at me like that! Shipping times to South Korea are notoriously unpredictable, and I want to order our cards sooner, rather than later. If anyone wants a card from us this year, feel free to drop your address in our Postable, and we’ll send one your way!

I really appreciate everyone who has continued to bear with me through these last few months and while I continuously share what’s new with the Moores. It’s been a lot, and I’m looking forward to finding a better, smoother routine in which I can comfortably take the time to share and dive fully back into this space again!

Tell me – do you have fun Halloween plans?