5 on friday: wins for the week

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Happy Friday, friends, and welcome October! It’s hard to believe we’re entering our first fall season here in South Korea, as well as our fourth month in this beautiful country. Our time here hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges – but every OCONUS move has its challenges. We’re celebrating a fun weekend ahead, as well as some wins for the week for the final week of September and into October!

Wins for the Week – Welcome October

1 // We bought the boys new bikes

The boys loved their bikes in Washington, but it was time to retire their old Lightning McQueen and Spiderman bikes. We bit the bullet and bought the boys some big bikes, and they finally got to ride them for the first time today! It was a rough first go (involving several crashes and scratches), but the kiddos happily rode with their new Korean biker gang around the apartment complex.

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apartment living korea

2 // We finally set up the third bedroom

Okay, this was technically finished last week when IKEA came, but we finally finished setting up the third bedroom, which is Mieke’s bedroom. After a long few months in a pack-n-play, Mieke is in a queen sized bed in her bedroom/guest room combo. She looks so teeny in her big big, but it feels so good to no longer feel unsettled!

3 // I have an appointment for my Alien Resident Card

It’s kind of old news now, but we got our A-3 Visa stamps a few weeks ago. Today, our realtor helped me schedule my appointment to apply for my Alien Resident Card (ARC), so I’ll be able to get a Korean bank account, Korean card, and order things online like a local.

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4 // I managed to read 13 books this month

Once upon a time before kids, I read 10-15 books a month. When Spencer was born though, those numbers dropped drastically, and I’m literally only now – 6 years later – getting back into reading consistently again. I’m thinking of sharing my monthly books on here each month, too, if only to offer up some little suggestions for others looking for some fun.

5 // I finally hit 50 rides on our Peloton

Okay, it doesn’t sound like much, but we got our Peloton in April, then it was packed up at the end of May, and our household goods didn’t arrive until about a month ago. So, we only had our bike for a month and a half before we didn’t have it for three whole months! Now that it’s back, it feels good to consistently ride again, and I’m finally getting back in the groove!

Life continues on in South Korea. I love how my blog keeps me somewhat connected with my family, but I’d be lying if I said this transition to life in South Korea has been easy. There have been a lot of challenges, but focusing on the wins for the week each week, exploring with new friends, and doing our best to just stay in it has been so good for us.

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?