currently: the october in korea edition

currently october in korea

Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe we’re pushing closer to the middle of October? It still feels a lot like summer in South Korea (minus about 10 degrees), but we’re seeing a slight shift in nighttime temperatures and the leaves are just beginning to turn colors. I know that winter in Korea will be different than winter in Washington, but I’m ready for cooler (read: cold) temperatures to make me appreciate the heat of summer again. But enough weather talk; it’s time for Currently: The October in Korea Edition – a monthly feature from Anne in Residence – in which we share five things we’re currently doing!

Currently: The October in Korea Edition

Borrowing // I don’t honestly think I’m currently borrowing anything! If anything at all, I’m lending stuff to get it out of our apartment. I’ve borrowed a few recipes to modify and make my own if that counts? I’ll be finishing up a batch of beignets today, which I shared on my instagram, and ya girl is pretty excited to see if my version worked!

Buying // We’ve been placing a lot of Amazon orders for our creature comforts from the US, as well as stuff we just can’t seem to find here, or stuff that’s never in stock. For example, the hair gel Ryan uses is rarely in stock at the PX, and they don’t sell it on the economy. The same goes for our favorite coffee. We’re also buying some better winter gear because before we know it, the cold will be here, and we’ll need to be prepared.

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Planning // Right now, we’re planning some adventures! We’re heading out for a good hike tomorrow, and we’re planning a little getaway with some of our friends from quarantine for Thanksgiving. We can’t really plan many actual trips yet because, well, COVID. We’re hoping things might change, but it looks like we may be in for a long two years with minimal travel, sadly, if things don’t change.

Prepping // I’m prepping some food for our hike tomorrow! I like to pack the night before we head out on a hike because hiking with kids is hard enough without adding all the prep the morning of the hike. I’ve prepped some sandwiches, lots of fruit, snacks, and candy as motivators, and I’ll prep a little further by loading up the car tonight, as well.

Reading // I’ve been on a reading kick lately, and I just shared what I read in September. Last night, I finished reading Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. To be honest, I’m glad that one is done, and I’m planning to start reading Fire Becomes Her by Rosiee Thor.

And that, folks, is a wrap on Currently: The October in Korea Edition. It’s been a big month of transitioning to life in Korea and, for better or worse, we’re all falling into our routines. We’re excited to keep chipping away at our South Korean bucket list though, and we’re constantly amazed by how much we’ve done so far. Happy weekend!

Tell me – what are you currently borrowing, planning, prepping, buying, and reading?