end of summer in south korea

end of summer south korea

It’s 10 AM in South Korea, and this is the first morning we’ve been able to throw open all our windows and sliders and let in the fresh air without dying of humidity. Based on the forecast for the coming week, as well, it looks like we may have turned a corner and are approaching the end of summer in South Korea. While we’ve been told it doesn’t get really cold until the end of November, we’re eager to embrace the change in seasons. We decided to celebrate the end of summer in style though and enjoyed a day by the sea exploring around Hwanggeumsan with the kids.

While the kids and I have been once before during monsoon season (remember that fateful trip?), Ryan has never been, and our friends from quarantine hadn’t been yet. Since we have a big hike next weekend, we’re doing our best to temper and balance our schedules and, instead, did a quick (read: short) hike to Hwanggeumsan together to celebrate the end of summer in South Korea.

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end of summer weather south korea

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Summer in South Korea takes summer getting used to. The heat isn’t something too crazy, but the humidity takes its toll on your body while hiking. The heat decided to send out summer in style with one last very humid day, and we were pretty stoked to get in the water.

Unfortunately, we arrived at low tide though, and the water had given way to the barnacle-crusted rocks, which made it pretty impossible or, at the very least, painful to get in the water. So, instead, we explored the far side of Elephant Rock, found little snails, and returned starfish to the water.

Our first summer in South Korea is coming to a close, and I’m honestly pretty happy to bid this first season adieu. This move to a new country came with some massive changes – obviously – and it’s presented some unique challenges for all of us. With the changing season and, hopefully, some relief from COVID restrictions, we’re hoping to travel more, see more, and have the opportunity to truly maximize our experience here.

How to Get to Elephant Rock Trail

Naver address – 충남 서산시 대산읍 독곶리

Waze address – Simply type ‘Hwanggeumsan’ or use this link