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Fall may be coming full force in other areas of the world, but South Korea is still doing its summer thing with hot days and cool(ish) evenings. So, while COVID continues to shut things down and place different areas in red zones (therefore inaccessible to us), we’re adapting and doing our best to enjoy these last weeks and months of warmth. We had every plan to do one more beach day this past weekend but, instead, ended up enjoying a family fun day at Asan Spavis. Adapting is the name of the game, right?

A Family Fun Pool Day at Asan Spavis

We were all in for a beach day. We mapped it out, and it was meant to be about a two-hour drive to the shore. Fun fact about South Korea though…freeways don’t have those easy-access on ramps and off ramps like in the US. You miss an exit, and you’re screwed. Well, spoiler alert: we messed up our navigation, took a wrong exit, and our drive time increased by 45 minutes. So, we called it quits on the beach and decided to make a closer detour, instead opting for family fun at Asan Spavis.

Located in Chungcheongnam-do, Asan-si, Asan Spavis is a little different than your average spa in the US. Part spa, part waterpark, it’s designed specifically for family fun and enjoyment. We weren’t really sure if it was open or what the policies were, but we decided to chance it, and we took our beach gear to the spa instead.

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What to Do at Asan Spavis

Asan Spavis is half indoors, half outdoors, and even after nearly four hours there, we didn’t see or do half of what was offered! The kids were allllll over the pools and, in true South Korean fashion, the water in each and every one of the pools was warm and enjoyable. We plunked ourselves down at the lower pools first with the boys testing the slides, then we explored the lazy river and the grotto before making our way upstairs.

Indoors and upstairs, there is a second lazy river pool with a fountain in the middle, as well as a second younger kids’ pool including slides and water play area. Exit again and go up another level outdoors, and you get to another lazy river that’s less lazy and more fun, as well as a larger water slide and water play area. The two largest slides were closed, sadly, but we made the most of all the open water play there.

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Is Asan Spavis Worth a Visit?

Inside, there is a completely separate and actual spa area. I’m honestly not sure if the kids are allowed in that area, but we chose not to go there with our wild bunch. The mens’ and womens’ areas are separate and include steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas and more. There’s also a non-water kids’ play area, multiple dining areas (though the main cafeteria was closed), and there was absolutely no shortage of fun for everyone. Basically, long story short, we promised a beach day, failed to deliver that but gave them something better with the best pool day ever; and yes, they keep asking when we can go again!

What to Know About Visiting Asan Spavis

COVID Precautions: Masks are required for all ages at all times within Asan Spavis and, yes, this includes in the water. We didn’t particularly enjoy this part because we couldn’t comfortably put our faces in the water, but you do what you have to do.

Cost: I honestly can’t tell you how much it was per ticket really (foreigner problems), but we paid 60,000 Won for the five of us to enter Asan Spavis. The other fees associated with the spa are paid at the end. Everything costs money – life vests, lounge chairs, etc. – and to go in the lazy river, everyone has to wear a life vest. Things are extremely reasonable though (life vests were 2,000 Won. The most expensive part was a meal there, but even that wasn’t insanely expensive.

What Else to Know: Adults must be vaccinated to enter, and you need to produce your vaccine card. You also have to submit to contact tracing.