sh*t spencer says: volume 10

sh*t spencer says volume 10

I haven’t done one of these in a minute, but that’s not to say that Spencer hasn’t brought his laughable A-game lately! Life in Korea is moving a million miles a minute, and Spencer constantly keeps us on our toes with one-liners, questions that just blow our minds with their hilarity, and little quips that keep us in stitches. Though things continue to be kooky-dukes, we’re beyond proud of our biggest little Moore for taking things in stride, and we can’t wait to share some Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 10 to bring you all joy, too!

Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 10

Informing me about a girl at school: // “I’ve decided I’ll ask a girl if she knows all the things and all the questions. If she can do things, I’ll marry her. If she doesn’t, I’ll just walk away.”

I honestly don’t even know what to say about this one except that I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Pointing at my leg in leggings: // “Mommy, is this your meat?”

In his defense, we’ve been watching a lot of shark videos, and he thinks our muscles and flesh are all meat now.

squid game jumpsuits

sh*t spencer says

sh*t spencer says

sh*t spencer says

Laughing at his laughter: // “I’m glad I make you happy, Mommy! I’m a really good laughing man.”

Literally died even more after this statement.

Raising important questions about the dinosaurs: // “You were born in 1986? Were the dinosaurs still alive?”

Annnnddddd just like that I’m 1,000 years older.

Explaining the phrase ‘can of worms’: // “If you open a can of worms, I’m not going to eat it.”

I literally never would’ve asked you to, bud haha

Walking around Seoul, South Korea: // “Wow! There are a lot of Korean people here!” 

And thus, we had to explain that those who live in South Korea are, well, Korean…we’re the minority here!

This child though. He is so dang witty. I mean, he’s kind of witty, and he’s kind of serious when he says all of these witty things, which makes it even better. Honestly, our kiddos have been such champions through this move, and I’m so grateful that they’ve kept us laughing through it all. I hope that Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 10 gives you some joy today, and that it makes you smile!

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