5 on friday: wins for the week

november wins for the week

Y’all. I cannot get over the fact that it’s actually November. I mean…what? We’re five days in, and I’m already left here wondering what happened to October (and September, for that matter). We’re fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas, and for the first time in a minute, I’m actually feeling – dare I say it? – excitedWhile much of our first few months in South Korea has felt completely and utterly overwhelming, I’m feeling really optimistic about the months ahead now. So, it’s time for November’s wins for the week!

November Wins for the Week

1 // USFK just lifted its zone restrictions 

That’s right, folks. For the first time in almost two years, USFK and 8th Army shared its restricted area maps this week and – wait for it – there are zero red/orange zones. All of South Korea is in limits to us now. Yes, units can change things per their individual discretion, but guys…could this be the first step in a semi-normal life again?!

2 // Our move is officially scheduled

If you read my post here, you know that we made the tough call to leave the apartment and neighborhood we love in Sosabeol in favor of moving closer to post. While it’s not ideal, it just took the kids and I over an hour in traffic from Camp Humphreys to home, and doing that daily isn’t realistic. So, we officially sign our lease and move into our new place next Wednesday.

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lost teeth november wins for the week

3 // Spencer lost his first two teeth

I mentioned in my November edition of Currently that Spencer had lost a tooth. Well, lo and behold, he lost his second tooth the following day. He gave the Tooth Fairy a run for their money, and he’s thrilled to have a little pumpkin grin (while we love the lisp). Big things in the Moore household!

4 // I’m nearly finished editing my first full day of mini sessions

For those of you familiar with my little blog, you know I branched out into photography last year. I took it slow, but I slowly gained a little clientele, and I’ve been working to build up my little business here in South Korea. I had a full day of mini sessions in Seoul last weekend, and I’m wrapping up editing them just in time for my next shoots.

5 // Our first little getaway is coming up soon

We booked an Airbnb for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’m so excited to get away from the area for a few days. We usually try to spend the holidays with family, but since that’s not happening this year, we’re doing a little getaway down South with our military family, and I’m excited to see a new area of Korea and have an actual pseudo-vacation.

November and the month of giving thanks felt like the perfect time to celebrate some wins for the week because, through it all, we’ve been really lucky to be both supported and stable through all the chaos of moving OCONUS. I’m grateful for this challenge (yes, even the times I’ve cried in the car) because I know that these are the memories we’ll hold most dear.

Tell me – what are some of your wins for the week?