currently: the november in korea edition

currently november in korea

Cheers to another new month in our new country! With another move coming up soon (in town this time), the November is a month of busy schedules, long hours, and lots and lots of chaos. We’re excited to move closer to post though. I think it’s going to free up a lot of time and allow us an opportunity to explore and do more things together as a family. Today though, it’s time for Currently: the November in Korea edition. This monthly feature from Anne in Residence is one in which we share five current things about the month ahead; come join us!

Currently: The November in Korea Edition

Appreciating // I am 100% appreciating these cooler temperatures! With fall in full swing, the leaves are changing, I’m neck deep in photography sessions for my little business, and the kiddos are having a blast playing outside without sweating to death. I’m also appreciating the opportunity to not turn on the air conditioner. Instead, we’re throwing open the windows, and it’s heaven!

fall in korea

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Getting // I’m getting around to ordering our Christmas tree! Since we’re moving into a slightly more spacious place, we’ll have more room for a Christmas tree and, since we can’t go home for Christmas this year, I’m committed to making our new little house a home for the duration for our time in South Korea.

Making // Right now, we’re making memories because Spencer officially lost his first tooth last night! He’s been waiting for this day for a long time, and his wiggly front tooth finally jumped the shark. His second wiggly tooth is on its last leg, and we’re excited for make some more memories as we wait for another visit from the Tooth Fairy.

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Sharing // Lately I’m sharing more about what I’m reading, which is fun because it dips way back into my roots once upon a time as a book reviewer. I shared my September reads last month, and I’m excited to share my October reads soon!

Wearing // I’m really really loving what big fans South Korea is of North Face because I’ve been wearing a lot of hoodies and new fleeces found at pretty lovely prices (compared to those in the US). Otherwise, it’s been a lot of leggings, bike shorts as I do more Peloton rides to give my Achilles a break from running, and socks + Birks because that’s the point I’ve reached in life.

Currently, November in South Korea is presenting all sorts of fun new adventures and challenges. I think we underestimated how hard and how drawn out this move would be for us as a whole family, but I’m still glad we’ve had this opportunity. Right now, we’re waiting to find out our actual move date, and I’ll keep you all posted soon!

Tell me – what are you currently appreciating, getting, making, sharing, and wearing?