5 on friday: halfway through december

halfway through december

Happy Friday, folks, and happy halfway through December! Did you know that we’re inching closer and closer to six months in South Korea? It’s baffling to me because it simultaneously feels like we just got here and that we’ve been here forever. Life certainly looks a lot different than we did in Washington, especially as we approach the holidays. Honestly, I’m getting excited for Christmas with my little family here though. I miss our families in the states, but there’s something special about spending Christmas here together, too, you know? Right now, it’s onto the Friday five, and what’s happening this week.

Halfway Through December 2021

1 // I’m done with Christmas shopping

We placed a lot of Amazon orders in November, and almost all of them have arrived at this point. We also bought a few things here in Korea (assembling things with Korean directions gets tricky, so color me lazy!) I also finally finished buying Christmas gifts for family in the states, buying authentic Korean gifts for those back in the states. I’m excited to send everything on Monday!

2 // I finally hung up our stockings

I shared on my instagram that we were in a bit of a pickle regarding where to hang our stockings. We have no mantle, and one of our walls is stone. I didn’t want to attach them to our entertainment center and risk pulling down the TV, so I ended up being lazy (ingenious?!) and suctioned them to the window. I actually don’t hate it!

halfway through december

halfway through december

halfway through december

halfway through december

3 // I finished my final photography session for the year

2021 was my first year really buckling down and doing photography professionally, and it was simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. I ended up doing 37 sessions in my first year – way more than I’d expected – and I’m excited for the year to come! Once I’m done editing my current session, I’ll get my own holiday break. If you want to check out my work, it’s here at Missy Moore Photography 🙂

4 // Mieke made kimchi at school

Mieke goes to a Korean preschool with Korean teachers and is taught solely in Korean, and we’ve been beyond impressed with the activities they have for the kids here. They have live animals come visit to teach about conservation and native animals, they learn to read in Hangeul, and this week the kids made us kimchi! We love our preschool.

halfway through december

thanksgiving 2021 busan

5 // Spencer is making huge strides with reading

We found out a few weeks ago that Spencer is actually dyslexic, which explains a lot of his difficulties reading. We’d suspected something might be amiss, but his tutor confirmed our suspicions and now we’ve got a real plan of attack. He works with his tutor three times a week, and our biggest goal has been building his confidence, which we’re so happy to see growing!

So, halfway through December, and we’re settled. Real life is happening, and it feels like we’ve actually made a little home here in Korea. I’m excited for Christmas break to begin, new adventures to start, and (hopefully) see some more relaxed restrictions in the coming months.

Tell me – what’s new with you?