our 2021 in numbers

our 2021 in numbers

We’re finally here – the last week of 2021. This year has offered our family the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. From Washington state to South Korea, our family has traveled, explored, adventured, and moved across the world together, embarking on yet another military journey together. I always love the finality of the countdown to a new year. While I’m not so naïve as to think that life will immediately change for the better – especially with all the new lockdown nonsense on Camp Humphreys – but I am excited to wrap a year and post our 2021 in numbers, which is always one of my favorite posts of the year. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Our 2021 in Numbers

2 // The number of continents and countries we’ve lived on and visited this year. While Covid seems to be hanging on forever, we managed to pick our lives up and move from Washington State in the USA to Pyeongtaek, South Korea in June.

25 // The number of Covid tests we had to take this year. We each had four tests in the days leading up to and through our quarantine here in South Korea.

24 // The number of days spent in quarantine/isolation this year. Ryan had Covid early in 2021, and the kids and I were exposed but never got Covid. Because he had it though, we had to quarantine at home in Washington. Then, of course, we had a 14-day quarantine here in Korea.

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7 // Ryan and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in the beginning of 2021. In the spirit of complete honesty, the OCONUS move coupled by Covid was one of the hardest times for our little family but here in Korea, we honestly have the most stability as a family that we’ve had in years.

122 // The number of Peloton rides I did this year. We bit the bullet and bought our Peloton in April with our last stimulus check. Then, all our household goods were shipped at the end of May, and we didn’t see our Peloton for three full months. Since getting it though, I’ve ridden every week, and it’s been such an awesome addition to our little home.

73 // The number of books I read this year. Now, bear in mind, this doesn’t count all the re-reads I’ve had of some of my favorite books, which always bring me comfort when I’m looking for my next read! If you’re a reader, you can find me on Goodreads here.

37 // The number of photoshoots I did this year! 2021 was my first year actually treating Missy Moore Photography like a legitimate business…something beyond a hobby…and I was blessed to have 37 clients this year. I hope to have even more in 2022!

15 // The number of hikes we did this year as a family. It was less than we accomplished in 2021, but between moving from Washington State to South Korea, multiple quarantines, and acclimating to an entirely new environment here, I’m pretty pleased. Here’s hoping we reach some new heights (literally) next year!

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296 // The number of miles I ran this year. Honestly, I’d hoped to do a lot more than this, but between moving, life, and all things in between, I let life kind of get in my way. I’m excited and hopeful that 2022 will bring some more in-person races and a lot more miles on these legs of mine.

182 // The number of blog posts I wrote this year. My goal throughout 2021 was to maintain a sort of “life” diary – if only to remember this year of incredible change for our family. I feel like I’ve done a good job with that, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get overwhelmed a few times with trying to sort of fit the wants and wishes of my readers. For 2022, I want to focus on us. Our family. Our lives. This journey we continue as an Army family, working closer and closer towards his retirement in 6ish years.

5 // The number of modeling jobs our kiddos have done in Korea thus far! They’ve had so much fun with it, and it’s been neat to explore this fun little side adventure with them during our first six months in South Korea.

3 // The number of homes we lived in this year. There was our beloved Horizon Street home on JBLM, our apartment in Sosabeol and now, finally, our villa in Pyeongtaek, just minutes from Camp Humphreys. What can I say? Moving is like changing our shoes these days.

As we look back on our 2021 in numbers and look ahead to 2022, I have a few big wishes for our little family. First, I hope that Covid measures lessen here so that we can enjoy our time in South Korea and travel like we’d hoped. Second, I hope for some clarity for our family in our decision regarding whether or not we should extend in Korea past 2023. Finally, I truly hope our family cherishes this opportunity for uninterrupted togetherness and navigates our growth as a family as a unit and in our faith.

Tell me -what were some of your highlights this past year?