the 10 best products we’ve used in 2021

10 Best Products in 2021

It’s that time of year, friends! I love December because it’s time for all my wrap-up posts when I look back on the year before and reflect on what we’ve done, learned, explored, shared, and tried before we head into the New Year. Last year, I shared our 10 favorite products of 2020, and I decided to continue that again this year, sharing the 10 best products we’ve used in 2021. It’s been a strange year, but all of these things made our huge life change from Washington State to South Korea just a little bit sweeter. Ready?

The 10 Best Products We’ve Used in 2021

Hydro Flask – I don’t know how this didn’t make my list last year, but my Hydro Flask is my tried and true travel and adventure buddy. This year, we got the boys their own Hydro Flasks, and Ryan got the largest model, too. They are so durable, and they keep our water cold on the hottest days in Korea. Trust me when I say they’re well worth every penny!

Knockaround Sunglasses – I was looking for an alternative to Goodr sunglasses this year, and I stumbled upon Knockaround. I was tempted by the price tag – just $27 on Prime – but I was sold on the shape, everyday fit, and the fact that they look more expensive than they are. I have a couple pairs, and I use them for both running and everyday use. And, yes, the ones I have are polarized. Win/win!

podaeneungseon ridge

gakwonsa temple cheonan

snowy hiking

Peloton – After years of proclaiming I’d never get a Peloton, we ended up getting a Peloton in April of 2020 – just one month before it was packed up and shipped to South Korea. We got it for a few reasons. First, we weren’t sure if gyms would be open here. Second, we wanted an alternative for me to just running ever day. And third, all our family had one, and we thought it would be fun to transcend distance and work out together. This is one purchase worth its weight in gold!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Since we travel a good bit, we wanted a tablet that our boys could use during roadtrips and/or plane travels. We had Kindle Fire tablets for a year, but the batteries die so quickly. The batteries on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A last for almost eight hours while playing, charge quickly, and have withstood a lot of abuse. That being said, our boys just managed to both crack theirs, so we’ll likely be buying new ones soon. Worth it.

Balega Socks – We’re always in the market for better athletic socks, and Balega socks are by far our favorite. The ones we love have a tight fit, arch support, and are friction resistant, so I’ve literally never had a blister with them. They may or may not have made my Christmas list this year.

Canon EF 35mm f/2 Lens – After losing my job due to downsizing during the pandemic, I dove headfirst into photography and turned it into my own little business – Missy Moore Photography. Since 2021 is the first year I’ve focused heavily on it, I’ve slowly been adding to my camera gear, and my biggest investment in my business was my 35mm lens, which has lent to great photos for my business and my blog!

mieke ruby beach

hiking red hollow slot canyon

suwon hwaseong fortress

pre pcs wins for the week

Yvolution Y Velo Flippa Bike – We actually bought this for Mieke’s 2nd birthday, and it has been a huge hit. We shipped it with our unaccompanied baggage in May, so it was here long before our household goods arrived. We’ve gotten some major mileage out of it (literally), and I definitely foresee that continuing!

Dunkin Cinnamania Coffee – What can I say? We love coffee, and we especially love good-flavored coffee. I stumbled upon a bag of Cinnamania back in February at our Target in Lakewood, and we’ve loved it ever since. Sadly, it’s not available in South Korea, and we have to either rely on Amazon shops to deliver, or gracious family members who always seem to come in clutch.

Zinus Mattress – You may remember that back in 2018, we were in the market for a new bed since we hated our Sleep Number. We decided to try our luck with Zinus’ rave reviews, and were super surprised to actually love it! This year, we purchased our second Zinus mattress for our guest room…and we ordered it before we moved, so we got to bring it with us 😉

WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat – Making the list again this year are our WAYB Pico Travel Car Seats! We first snagged them in 2020, and we became huge fans of WAYB products because they support our travel and adventure lifestyle. Moving to Korea, we downsized our car and had less space, which the Pico fits perfectly! Soon, we’ll have to snag one for Mieke, too. Check out our review of the WAYB Pico here.

Tell me – what were some of your favorite products that you found or used in 2021?