5 on friday: february wins for the week

wins for the week february

Happy Friday, friends! It’s a truly happy Friday here at Camp Humphreys because, as of 12 PM today, our HPCON B+ restrictions changed slightly, giving us far more liberties than we had before. I’ll share more of that as I dive into our wins for the week, but as we approach the weekend, we’re feeling a little hopeful and a lot more relaxed as we start inching ever closer to spring. So, cheers to brighter days ahead, right?!

Wins for the Week in February

We can now dine out and visit most areas except Seoul

Most of our restrictions were lifted today (despite remaining in HPCON B+). We’re now allowed to dine out in Korean establishments, we can visit malls, we can take public transportation, and more. Seoul is still off limits except for work or essential activities, but I’m hopeful. Maybe this is really a step in the right direction? Either way, we have about 18 months left here, and then change will happen regardless.

We’re 38ish days from the sun setting at 7:30 PM

I don’t know about you, but this winter has been hard for me, and shorter days aren’t too fun. Gradually though, our days are getting longer, and I read that we’re actually about a month and a half (give or take) from the sun setting at a solid 7:30 PM again! The photographer in me is definitely jumping for joy about later golden hour sessions, too!

wins for the week february

wins for the week february

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

wins for the week february

Spencer lost his third tooth

His top two teeth have been wiggly for a while now, but lately, there’s one that’s just been hanging by a thread. Frankly, he looked ridiculous with it kind of poking out of his mouth at any given time. Ridiculous, I say. Well, he bit into a pretzel today, and it was barely in there, so he let me yank it. Now my little gap-toothed wonder looks bigger than ever.

I hit 30 days of working out in a row

I’ve been tracking my Peloton workouts – bike, stretching, hiking Korea’s trails, strength, and more – and I’ve completed more than 30 days in a row now. Today is actually 34 days in a row, and now I just want to keep the streak alive! Honestly, finding this time to center myself during a trying season has been a huge godsend.

We got to see one of our Washington friends

We made some absolutely incredible friends in Washington when we lived in Meriwether Landing at JBLM. Literally, it was the best group of military friends you could hope for. One of them happened to be TDY to Korea these past couple weeks, and we were able to have him over to our home for a meal, and it was amazing. Building your Army family is just so fulfilling, and we feel so blessed to have so many in our corner all around the world.

Our wins for the week in February our giving us hope that brighter, longer, happier days are around the corner, and we’re excited for a fun, free(er) season to come. May your weekends look as bright as ours, my friends!