friday favorites: welcome february

welcome february

Happy Friday, friends! It’s finally February (also known as my birthday month), and I’m relishing the fact that we’ve finally bid adieu to January. Even though things are pretty much status quo around here, turning the page on the calendar – and one step closer to spring – puts a little bit of pep back in my step. We’re falling into a routine, making goals, and doing our best to soak up all the good around us because, even with the challenges, there is so much good. We’re celebrating some of those Friday favorites today as we welcome February!

Friday Favorites: Welcome February

// Mieke is 99% potty trained

Okay, this literally earns the biggest shoutout of all! We’ve been dragging our heels on potty training Mieke for a while even though she’s clearly been ready for a while. We haven’t had a consecutive amount of time with just us and her, so we kept putting it off. She had three days off from preschool for Lunar New Year though, and we decided to bite the bullet. The first day was better than expected (though with a lot of toddler nudity). The second day had only one accident (and underwear!) And the third day, she wore undies and pants out of the house! She went to school both Thursday and Friday in undies and pants and had zero accidents. I’m shocked and amazed and so beyond excited! Cheers to our big little girl!

// We got our second hike of the year in last weekend

I’ve yet to recap it, but we got our second little hike on our legs for 2022 in last weekend. The kids and I are running solo because Ryan’s still on ROM – yes, insert eyeroll here – but it was so good to stretch those proverbial hiking muscles, see some sights, and explore another area not too far from home. Plus, I swear we’re just happier people when we get outside.

welcome february

welcome february

welcome february

welcome february

welcome february

// We had our first real snowfall

I shared it in my February edition of Currently, but we finally had a proper snowfall. Even better…the kids were all home with me! We got to build a snowman, make snow angels, and enjoy a pseudo snow day together. It was so fun, and it was that little taste of home that was so needed.

// We’re really exploring homeschool

I’ve kept this one under wraps for a while because I hate sharing things that don’t come to fruition, but if you follow me on instagram, you likely saw me ask for advice. Honestly, while both boys have absolutely phenomenal teachers at Humphreys, we’re pretty disappointed in how school and COVID protocols merge. From endless contact tracing to nonstop guidelines, we’re just really world-weary. And, since Ryan might deploy at the end of the summer, we want some flexibility. So, we’re really exploring our options, and it’s exciting (and terrifying).

// A big Amazon order that was MIA finally arrived

This might not seem like much, but since supply chain shortages are severely impacting the commissary and we’re limited in the stores and locations we’re allowed to shop under USFK restrictions, this was big. We got a massive shipment of oatmeal (praise!!!), some baking supplies, and even Valentines for the kids to distribute at school. I’m so glad that this one showed up.

Cheers to a month of gratitude ahead as we welcome February and, hopefully, adventures yet to come. And maybe, just maybe spring is around the corner?!