currently: the march in korea edition

currently march korea

Happy March, my friends! We’re on the cusp on spring, and warmer (and brighter!) days are ahead. In fact, we’re having a relatively warm week right now, and while it can change in an instant, I am loving it, especially since this is our first spring in South Korea! It’s time for Currently: the March in Korea edition. Currently is a monthly feature from Anne in Residence where we share five things we’re, well, currently doing. Ready?

Currently: The March in Korea Edition

1 // Collecting

All the spring outfit ideas! We’ve done spring in Washington, New York, and Arizona. I’ve seen spring in Utah, Florida, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and South Africa. South Korea though? This is a first! Korea has the cutest fashion trends, and I’m loving the spring jacket scene. Yes, it’s a thing, and yes, I’m here for it.

2 // Craving

I’m craving long summer evenings and, sadly, I’m craving a back yard. I love our home here in Pyeongtaek, but I do miss those lazy summer nights in our own backyard or down the street with friends. All that said, I’m hopeful that as the weather turns, restrictions will continue to lessen, and we might be able to enjoy a semblance of those here.

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currently march korea

currently march korea

currently march korea

currently march korea

3 // Picturing

I recently opened up bookings for my cherry blossom sessions, which begin at the end of March and lead up to pear blossom sessions at the end of April. I’m picturing all those beautiful families and galleries I’ll have to edit soon, and that gets me so excited for my little business!

4 // Playing

I don’t know about you, but I’m stuck playing Wordle every. single. day. And I swear it’s become more difficult since being bought by the New York Times! That said, I wake up daily, and I dive right into my first guess. Thankfully, I’ve gotten every one so far, but there have been a few close calls! Have you tried Wordle?

5 // Wishing

Oof. I’m always wishing for a lot of things. Right now though? I’m wishing for a true end in sight for restrictions. Yes, I’m beating a dead horse here, but we’ve seen “endemic” floating around for a while now, and I wish there was a really clear path to get there…especially as an American living in South Korea.

So, that’s a wrap on the March edition of Currently! Cheers to a beautiful new month ahead, my friends. I’m excited for this one. Truly. I’m ready for spring, and I’m ready for the months ahead.

Tell me – what are you currently collection, craving, picturing, playing, and wishing?