three years of mieke jean

three years of mieke jean

Dear Mieke,

Today is the big day that you’ve been waiting for! We’re finally celebrating three years of Mieke Jean – our little bean who joined us just when Mama and Daddy needed her most. Truth be told, little bean, we never expected to have a daughter. Ever. So, when we found out we were getting you – a little girl! – Daddy loves to say that Mama screamed when she saw your picture for the first time.

At three years old, you are spicy. Being the littlest of three and right behind two brothers hasn’t made you meek at all. You’re bold, and you’re strong, and you’re opinionated. You are sassy as all get out. Just last night, you told me, “Shhhhh Mommy. Calm down. Shut up.” Well, we fixed that language, but the sentiment is there. You’re pretty sure you’re always in charge, and it’s hilarious!

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Sangtubong Peak South Korea

three years of mieke jean

Mieke, you are the perfect blend of girly girl and tomboy. You love pink, but you hate being too dressed up. You’re all about hiking and getting out there with your brothers…even leading the pack sometimes. You seamlessly made that big move with us from Washington to South Korea last year, and watching you thrive in Korean school gives us such joy. You are so funny when you randomly spout Korean words and leave us guessing.

Today, as we celebrate three years of Mieke Jean, I want you to know that we love you so very much, and we are so proud of you. You’ve lived almost your entire life during a pandemic. From celebrating your first birthday quarantine style to 14 days of barracks living in South Korea, you’ve weathered the storm so beautifully. You are smart, you are funny, and you are so sweet (when you want to be). You love big, and you feel big, and I know that your huge personality will take you places.

Let’s enjoy the heck out of this next year in South Korea, my little girl, okay? Let’s have fun, and make memories, and get ready for whatever the Army throws us next because you, little girl, are going to move mountains.

Love always,