what summer is like at camp humphreys

what summer is like at camp humphreys

My friends. You hear allllllllll about winter in South Korea. It’s cold. Colder than cold. “Bone-chilling,” is thrown around a lot. It’s a humid climate, so the winters are extra cold. You hear it all. Basically, winter here is cold. Curious what summer is like at Camp Humphreys though? Imagine a steamy indoor sauna. But outdoors. And there’s no escape…except indoors. That, my friends, is summer in South Korea.

What Summer is Like at Camp Humphreys

Now, let me throw this out there, first and foremost. I love summer. I love sunshine. I love these long days that last forever end with glorious sunsets. I am here for it. Summer in South Korea is a different breed though. Ya girl was not made to live in an indoor sauna…outdoors. And yet, here we are. This is our second summer in South Korea, and I’ll be honest – we’ve acclimated more than we expected.

Last summer, our first adventure to Gakwonsa Temple in Cheonan was marked with extreme sweat, varying degrees of extreme discomfort, and mask-wear outdoors. Thankfully, the outdoor mask mandates in South Korea have lifted, and we’re not sweating quite as bad as we did last summer. It’s definitely still very hot though, and we’re in a bit of a heat wave right now. It’s averaging about 95F each day with close to 90% humidity. So, yes, it’s a swamp.

summer camp humphreys south korea

Summer Kids’ Activities Around Camp Humphreys

When it’s this hot, honestly, it’s really difficult to keep the kids outside for extended periods of time. We love a good summer hike (remember Crocodile Peak in Chungju?!), but this type of heat can actually be dangerous. So, we opt for outdoor time early in the morning, late in the evening, or we find water activities – and there are quite a few! Our favorite outdoor summer kids’ activities around Camp Humphreys include:

  • Splash Pads – There are two on post; one is by the Texas Roadhouse, and the other is by the One-Stop building, but is much smaller. Pictured is the one by Texas Roadhouse, and it’s open until 8 PM daily.
  • Outdoor Pool – Camp Humphrey’s outdoor pool is legit…when it’s open. There’s a diving well, kids’ spray park, baby pool, and 50m lap pool.
  • Bee & Honey Cafe – Home to one of our favorite hikes, Bee & Honey Cafe is close to post, offers a short hike, and a chance for a frozen treat afterwards to cool off.
  • Songnisan National Park – Home to our favorite river swimming spot, it’s the perfect place too cool off and hike when the temperatures soar.
  • Beach Days – While we’re on a peninsula, the best beaches are actually not super close to Camp Humphreys. Mallipo Beach is the clear favorite here at Humphreys, but our favorite is still Daecheon Beach in Boryeong.
  • Cave Trips – There is no shortage of incredible caves here in South Korea, and in true Korean fashion, many have become veritable amusement parks in their own right! Our highlights were the indoor kayaking at Jade Cave and the underground light exhibits at Gwangmyeong Cave.

what summer is like at camp humphreys

end of summer south korea

The Best Part About Summer in South Korea

The hottest month in South Korea is August, so we’re actually just about to head into the steamiest month of the year. The best part about summer in South Korea is that the days are long, and the evenings are temperate. We’ve had many a late-night adventure in the summer, and the weekends are a lively mix of music, picnics, water play, and soaking up as much of the heat as you can before winter comes.

The best part about summer though? The air quality is pretty good and, eventually, summer ends. Summer in South Korea eventually gives way to fall, which is my absolute favorite time of year here. The colors are glorious, the days are crisp, and the air is still clear. This is our last July in South Korea, and while in grateful it’s our last, I’m also grateful for all the fun memories we continue to make!