naughty child kids café in cheonan

naughty child kids café

We’re officially onto our second week of homeschool this dreary Monday morning! I appreciate everyone’s sweet words and votes of confidence on my last post in which we shared our big news that we’ve made the switch to homeschooling. It definitely wasn’t a decision we made or took lightly, and while we’re definitely still finding our footing, I feel like we just have more balance overall, and you truly can’t put a price tag on that. Today though, I’m taking us back a few weeks before school started to a day-date the boys and I had to Naughty Child kids café in Cheonan. And, like all things Korean, it was so extra.

Naughty Child Kids Café in Cheonan

First of all, yes, that’s really the name: Naughty Child. And yes, that’s 100% why I decided the boys and I were going to make a date of it. We’ve been frequenting our local favorites like Champion 360 and JumpingGo for a while now, but we wanted to try something new, and Naughty Child isn’t too far for a day trip, so we made our way out to Cheonan. It’s everything you’d expect from a kids café in Korea. It’s colorful, it’s fun, the translations are bar none, and it has epic kid-friendly spaces for those hot (or super cold) days, as well as places for moms (or dads) to hang out and enjoy watching their kids go wild.

naughty child kids café

naughty child cheonan

What Are Kids Cafés?

Kids cafés are the best of both worlds. I’ve mentioned before how absolutely wild South Korea’s café scene is, but they don’t just cater to the adults! Kids cafés offer a fun indoor playground for kiddos while offering spaces for parents to either participate, sip a coffee and chill, or just watch their kids run wild in a safe and contained environment.

Many of them average admission at about two hours, but some offer full-day rates. Naughty Child offers a generous two-hour rate, and we figured that was more than enough time for the boys to go wild and enjoy an epically hot day indoors instead.

naughty child kids café

naughty child kids café

Why You’ll Love Naughty Child Café

Spencer is seven years old now, and Porter is six. Porter still loves some of the little kid café stuff, but Spencer tends to love things a little more wild these days. In terms of indoor play gyms, Naughty Child has a little bit of everything. There’s a dedicated baby playroom, a building area surrounded by a go-kart space, trampoline area, carnival water guns, roller slides, giant ball pit, and more. And, located at the bottom floor of a long strip mall, it’s easily accessible.

While the staff didn’t speak any English, we communicated well enough with a few printed signs detailing their hours, as well as using Papago and my tiny bit of broken Korean. Lockers are included in your payment, so we simply went in, put our shoes in a locker, and the kids went wild! We’ve been to a few cafés now, and the boys hands-down say this one was their favorite. We got there when it opened at 10 AM on a weekday, and it didn’t get busy until about 11:30, so it was the perfect time to go.

naughty child cafe korea

naughty child cafe korea

naughty child kids café

How to Get to Naughty Child in Cheonan

Like all things in South Korea, it can be tricky navigate without the correct address, so here are a few ways you can get there (and some tips for your trip!)

  • Waze Address: Chungcheongnam-do, Cheonan-si, Seobuk-gu, Buldang-dong, 1546
  • Naver/Kakoa Address: 린스트라우스2단지 오스트에비뉴 115-2호

Price: It’s W20,000 per child for two hours and W8,000 per adult. This does not include food, and there is a well-rounded dining area with both Korean and American food.

Tips for Visiting: Kids/adults must wear socks for their visit, though shoes are prohibited. There are shoes for the restroom like most places in Korea. You must be fully-masked while indoors. Parking is validated, so bring a photo of your license plate so they can waive your fee!