our south korea bucket list

our south korea bucket list

We’ve lived in South Korea for over a year now, and I only just realized that I never actually posted our South Korea bucket list to my blog. I’ve had it in my notes on my phone so that I’d have it close at hand at all times, but I never actually got around to posting it. Honestly, we came in with huge goals of what to do, where to go, and what to see, and a lot of that was halted when we got hit with our restriction of movement (ROM) last year right before Christmas. Thankfully, things seem to be lightening up significantly now, but we’re also down to just about nine months left in South Korea.

So, before it’s too late, I’m sharing our South Korea bucket list from when we first arrived on the peninsula last summer. We’ve accomplished a lot, but there’s a lot we’ve yet to see and do – and we definitely won’t be able to see it all. But, despite that, cheers to making the most of every second here!

pohang space walk address

sogeumsan suspension bridge hike

Tando Island Sea Crossing

Our South Korea Bucket List

Let me caveat this list by stating that it’s 100% not a comprehensive list of all the things one can do in South Korea. Frankly, there’s just so much to do that it would be impossible to accomplish it all in two years. But, over time, I hope to update our list and link to individual posts in case others want to accomplish some of these things, too! Ready?

gamcheon culture village busan

thanksgiving 2021 busan

suwon hwaseong fortress

mancheonha skywalk danyang south korea

what is fall like in south korea

dongdaemun gate wall seoul

Taepyeong Salt Field

hiking in korea

ppuri park korea

And there you have it, folks. That is our South Korea bucket list. We’ve added to it throughout our time here thus far, and we’ve crossed off and documented most of it on the blog. In writing this, I realized just how much we’ve actually done and experienced here thus far. Sometimes it feels like there’s just never enough time, but I’m eternally grateful for the time that we do have to experience, see, and explore this amazing country.

And yes, we still have nine months left here, and we intend to fill it with as much excitement and joy as we possibly can! Who thinks we can conquer at least 90% of this bucket list?!

Tell me – what would you do first if you got to visit South Korea?