lego fantasy garden at starfield anseong

lego fantasy garden starfield korea

One of my favorite things about living in South Korea is how many different (and entirely random) things we have to experience on any given day. Even living in Pyeongtaek, which is about an hour from Seoul, we have so many things right at our fingertips, so it’s not like we’re ever lacking things to do. Right after Ryan got home, we decided to have a little lunch date together at the local mall in Sosabeol, while we dropped the boys off at Champions and, ‘lo and behold, we also got to try out the LEGO Fantasy Garden at Starfield Anseong, as well!

LEGO Fantasy Garden at Starfield Anseong

Like all things in Korea – seriously, it’s just a theme here, trust me – the LEGO popup experience was so extra. From what we can tell there was no real reason for it beyond that fact that the holidays are coming, and it’s a solid way to get kiddos and families invested in the entire LEGO experience. I mean, they did it well, too.

Centrally located on the first floor of Starfield Anseong, the LEGO Fantasy Garden is positioned right near the food court and by the three-story jumbotron. You can’t miss it because it’s literally just right there. Better yet? It’s free!

lego fantasy garden

lego fantasy garden

lego fantasy garden

lego fantasy garden

All About the LEGO Fantasy Garden

When you enter, there’s an attendant who checks your bags quickly and conducts crowd control. During the weekday when we went, it was pretty quiet, and we had plenty of places to work and play together. The central attraction is a conveyer belt from which the LEGOs come out of a UV sanitizing portal beneath the LEGO waterfall. Yes, I said LEGO waterfall. I mean, what?! There are little stools set up along the conveyer belt, and the sky is the limit to design your own creation.

There are also a number of little LEGO-filled pools surrounded by benches so younger kids can climb in, build, and play. Or, if you’re with a small group of people, choose one of the smaller tables to build with your friends. Then, of course, there’s the eye-catching five-meter-tall LEGO Christmas tree that simultaneously rotates and plays carols and just takes the whole thing to the next level…if there even is a next level.

lego fantasy garden

lego fantasy garden

lego fantasy garden

What to Know About Visiting the LEGO Fantasy Garden at Starfield Anseong

Like all good things, the LEGO Fantasy Garden will come to an end (sadly). If you’re local and want to see this attraction before it’s gone, you still have time! Here are the details:

Location: Starfield Anseong, Floor 1F

Dates: The exhibit runs from November 18, 2022 through January 10, 2023

Price: Free

Extras: Post a picture to instagram with the following hashtags; #LegoChristmas #StarfieldAnseong #buildtogive and you will receive a gift (no, I have no clue what that gift is)

Tips: The area is accessible, but strollers and wagons will be parked outside the popup experience.