our 2022 christmas card

our 2022 christmas cardAs this is likely my last post before this weekend and Christmas (!!!), it’s time to share our 2022 Christmas card! I mentioned a week or so ago that, much like last year, our Christmas cards were missing in action. I ordered them in the beginning of November, and they just arrived here in South Korea yesterday. I probably should’ve switched to a different brand after last year’s debacle, but I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because, once again, we ran into the same issue. Thankfully though, they’re here, and now I just need to send them all back across the pond.

Our 2022 Christmas Card from Shutterfly

Before we moved to Korea in June of 2021, we ordered our Christmas cards solely from Basic Invite, who I love. I’d heard great things about Shutterfly’s international shipping though, so I went with them…and they got lost. We did finally get them last year (as well as a second set of them, as well). This year, like I said, I should’ve switched it up, but I went with Shutterfly again because their customer service was good. We had the same issue but, thankfully, they helped me again.

our 2022 christmas card

This year’s cards make me chuckle because they’re going to go out after the Christmas holiday, and they actually refer to Ryan’s homecoming prior to it. So, in case you wanted to know  how long they were actually missing, it was a while. Six weeks, if we want to be exact.

Our Christmas Cards Through the Years

We’ve done Christmas cards each year of our marriage, but I only started documenting them here a few years ago. I’ve held onto them since, and I love looking back at them through the years. I actually put them on a binder ring last year, too, so they’re all neatly saved together! I’m excited that we have another chapter of our life here in Korea to add to that ring now, and I’m really excited to see what’s to come in 2023!

our 2021 christmas cards

our 2020 christmas card

our 2019 christmas card

I’ll get back to posting about our adventures from our trip to Hawaii, but for now, I’m happy to round out this holiday season by sharing our 2022 Christmas card, bask in this time as a family, and get ready to ring in the New Year, which has crept up on us quickly. Until then, wishing you all the most beautiful holiday season!