our 2022 in numbers

our 2022 in numbers

This is it, y’all…our final post of 2022. I feel like this year was so long and yet, at the same time, so short. The past couple of years have thrown every single curveball imaginable our way, and we’ve experienced the absolute best and worst of times. If 2020 was a kick in the pants, 2021 was a year of immense change. 2022 though? It was a year of everything all mixed together into one chaotic mess that made for both a beautiful and terrible year – if that makes sense. I love making these posts because it forces us to look at all we’ve done, all we’ve accomplished, and all that’s yet to come for us, and that gives me hope. So, we’re sharing our 2022 in numbers. Good, bad, ugly, and everything in between…

Our 2022 in Numbers

3 // The number of trips we made to the USA. We only intended to make one trip, but we ended up flying home for a funeral, a visit to family, and a much-needed vacation, as well.

6 // The number of transcontinental flights we took as a family this year

1 // The number of running races we did this year. I ran a virtual half marathon in early November and PRd by 5 minutes – the fastest I’ve gone since the Empire State Half Marathon in 2016. Wild, right?

Taepyeong Salt Field

fall in south korea

arethusa falls new hampshire

2cab family day camp humphreys

farm kamille in taean

20 // The number of Covid tests we had to take this year. In reality, we took more than that if you count the number of at-home tests we had to take for the kids’ modeling, Mieke’s school, etc.

2 // The number of Space A flights we took this year. We flew Space A to Hawaii, then we flew Space A from Hawaii to Okinawa (more on that to come!)

37 // The number of modeling jobs the kids did in 2022. We decided to step back a few months ago because it became too much balancing my photography business, school, and life, and we’re glad we did. It was fun, but the kids are glad to be “retired” from the biz.

65 // The combined number of pounds Ryan and I lost this year. I decided 2022 was my year to get healthy, and I did it. I lost 40 lbs, started running more, and focusing on a holistic approach to health, and we’ve never felt better! Ryan deployed and took that time to focus on his health, too, and it’s been great!

Sangtubong Peak South Korea

Jangtaesan Recreational Forest Daejeon

where to find pink muhly grass near camp humphreys

pinnacle land asan

what to do in pohang

pohang spacewalk south korea

tando island sea crossing ansan

8 // The number of years married we celebrated on January 4, 2022 – right after the new year. We’re about to ring in number 9 soon.

360 // The number of miles I ran this past year. This was more than last year, but it’s less than I hope to accomplish in 2023! My goal was to learn to love running, get healthy, and find a level of base mileage as a jumping off point, and I did that. I’m *hoping* to run my second marathon next year – redemption from my first marathon.

1 // The number of deaths our family experienced this year. We lost Ryan’s mother, Grandma Esta, in April, and we’ve missed her a lot this year. We feel her all around us though, and we’re so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families and that we’ll see her again.

59 // The number of sessions I did for Missy Moore Photography this year! This was a huge leap from 2021, and I’m excited to see what I can grow my business into this coming year after we move.

9 // The number of hikes we did this year. We’ve missed hiking a lot, but between air quality issues, Ryan’s deployment, and my business, we haven’t hiked as much as we normally like to. Hiking in Korea is also very different than hiking was in the US. It’s less accessible, and it’s more challenging to finagle the details. I’m excited to see the hikes we conquer after our move.

69 // The number of blog posts I wrote this year. While significantly less than I posted in 2021, I feel like 2022 was an accurate representation of our lives right now. My goal has been, and remains, simply to chronicle these chapters of our lives…just with less pressure to do so along the way.

4 // The number of months we’ve homeschooled thus far. We bit the bullet and decided to homeschool the boys this year, and it’s been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve done thus far with our kiddos. I have a love/hate relationship with it most days, but I think there’s definitely more love than hate there.

Looking back at our 2022 in numbers, I see a roadmap of a year that challenged us from start to finish. The kids are growing up. This Army life has presented our family, in particular Ryan, with huge challenges this past year, and while full of opportunities, it’s definitely highlighted the challenges most of all. We have less than six months left in South Korea, and we’re determined to make the absolute most of every second we have left. Good, bad, and everything in between, I’m grateful for 2022, and I’m even more grateful to bid it adieu.

Tell me – what were some of your highlights this past year?