our 2023 pcs announcement (we’re moving!)

best pcs announcement

We’ve known for a while now that we’d be moving again in 2023. After our trip back home to New Hampshire this past summer, we’d really pushed for Fort Drum initially. The idea of being close to family was just too sweet to pass up – especially after unexpectedly losing Grandma in 2022, as well. The Army had different plans though, and an exciting 1:1 match (an Army bromance, if you will) cropped up, and it was an offer that was too good to pass up. So, without further adieu…we’re sharing our 2023 PCS announcement!

Our 2023 PCS Announcement

Next stop for the Moore family is……………okay, I’ll stop being annoying now…

We are heading to Fort Wainwright, Alaska!

For those of you who know us, you know how much we love that small-town feel. You know that we love open spaces, hiking, mountains, polar plunges, and more, so this is right up our alley.

best pcs announcement

There is so much yet to do, as there always is with anything Army or PCS-related. Right now though, our DEROS (date of estimated return from overseas) is June 24, 2023, which means that’s the latest date we’ll leave Korea, and it’s likely very close to the actual day. So, yes, that’ll give us about 30ish days to get from Korea to Alaska. We have to purchase two new cars, winterize them, pack whatever belongings we won’t easily get in Alaska into those two cars, then start our road trip from New Hampshire to Alaska. We’ll stop along the way in Utah to see Papa, and we plan to stop through Idaho, as well, to pick up Danny! We’ve missed our pup and can’t wait to see her soon.

This is technically considered a consecutive overseas tour, so we’ll have to go through the EFMP process again and jump through some hoops before we get amended orders with us on them to accompany Ryan, but those are hoops that we’re accustomed to in some capacity now, and we’re eager to get the ball rolling.

best pcs announcement

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best pcs announcement

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best pcs announcement

How are the kids taking it, you ask? The boys are beyond stoked! They can’t wait to fish, hike, camp, play in the [freezing] cold, and explore small-town life again. Mieke is equal parts apprehensive and excited, but she’s three. She’s excited to play and eat chocolate on any given day, but she’s expressed in no uncertain terms that she is going to miss her Korean school and doesn’t want to leave Korea either.

So, it’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and all the things, but we’re ready. As with all things military, our orders could change. But, as of right now, the Moore family is heading to Alaska in about 6 months, and we’re so excited for our next big adventure.