mieke’s final korean graduation

korean preschool graduation

You guys. I know I’ve been an awful blogger since, well, about six months ago, but I’ve really been focusing on living in the present, and a large part of that is just how fast life seems to be flying by right now. Since we found out our next duty station in January, we’ve felt a bit like we have our feet in both countries; working hard to live in the present whilst growing more and more excited for the future. I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the little joys of life here in South Korea though, and one of those momentous occasions was Mieke’s final Korean graduation at her preschool in Pyeongtaek.

Mieke’s Final Korean Graduation

We were so blessed to find an amazing preschool for Mieke in August of 2021, shortly after we moved to South Korea, and she has attended the same school since. She started in the Milky Way classroom, spent this past year in the Space Classroom, and on Friday, she graduated and moved up to the second floor of her school into the Sunshine Classroom. While we made the decision to homeschool the boys this past summer, Mieke’s been thriving all the while in Korean school, and there was absolutely no way we wanted to mess with that.

When we arrived in South Korea, Mieke was a newly-minted two-year-old who spoke a good deal of English. Now, she’s closing in on four years old (!!!), speaks English better than her brothers most days, understands Korean and speaks a good bit of it, and if you ask her, she’ll proudly tell you she’s a Korean girl just like her friends.

expat korean preschool ]expat korean preschool

Why We Chose to Send Mieke to Korean School

I should clarify that Mieke’s school is considered a “daycare” by the definition in South Korea, but it’s highly geared toward an educational environment for children and goes through the American kindergarten year. While in Washington, she attended the same preschool as Porter, and we knew we wanted to keep that socialization going, as well as providing time for my business to grow. Most of all though, we wanted our kids to absorb as much of Korea as possible – and Mieke has.

Mieke’s final Korean graduation has us feeling all the emotions. Choosing not to extend our tour in South Korea wasn’t an easy choice, and if there was a way to replicate Mieke’s experience in Korea for our entire family in all aspects, there would’ve been no doubt in our minds. Now, we’re simply left hoping that we can somehow keep that spirit of Korean culture alive in our little girl while we prepare to move to Alaska.

korean graduation

korean preschool graduation

Our Korean Preschool Experience

I am so proud of our spicy little girl for blooming (and thriving!) wherever she’s planted. Though I know moving her from the school she’s known for these formative years will be so hard, I know that this experience, and this incredible opportunity has shaped who she is today. I am eternally grateful to her teachers and to her school for loving her and helping her become the very best version of herself during this time of our lives.

And to those who read this…if you’re coming to Camp Humphreys. Don’t hesitate. The standard of care in South Korea is impeccable, and we are so incredible in awe of the value in schooling and life she’s had at her preschool. I can’t recommend this enough. And yes, I do plan to homeschool her, as well as the boys, once we leave South Korea. Because, at this point, nothing will ever quite measure up again.

Cheers to your final Korean graduation, sweet Meeks. We’re so proud of you!