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While we’re neck deep in the proverbial waiting game on orders, life decided to throw another wrench into the season with the passing of Ryan’s father. We found out this weekend, and Ryan traveled back to the United States – alone this time – to lay his dad to rest. We’re 45 days from our DEROS and, even without orders yet, we’re staying busy and enjoying this new spring/summer weather. I’m dipping into the archives for this one though to share a little about that time we visited Anyang Art Park in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do last spring. It was a fun, low-key one, and it’s definitely one I won’t forget!

All About Anyang Art Park (안양예술공원)

Unlike Geumgang Nature Biennale, Anyang Art Park is a year-round citizen’s park that can be explored throughout the seasons. Also, unlike other art parks, Anyang Art Park is scattered throughout the city, leading you on a veritable treasure hunt through the foothills of the Gwanaksan and Samseongsan Mountains that surround the city.

This ended up being a spur-of-the-moment adventure when the kids and I went because Ryan was stuck on a 24-hour shift. Since the weather had just turned, we wanted to be outside, and it fit the bill completely. Anyang Part Park is just outside of Seoul, and it offers a little bit of something for everyone. For the kids, it included open spaces with random exhibits with which they could interact. For me, it was fresh air, photo spots, and a bit of a nature-fueled adventure just steps outside of the city.

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park

Anyang Art Park Mirrors

anyang art park stream

What to Do at Anyang Art Park

I’ll admit; Anyang Art Park threw me for a bit of a loop when we first arrived. After parking, I assumed we’d find an obvious entrance, explore the exhibits, and make our way around an actual park. Quite the contrary though. Anyang Art Park features installations throughout the city, the park itself, and the surrounding areas. There are a few maps floating around the internet, but I couldn’t easily make heads or tails of them, so we just sort of meandered along the stream until we stumbled in the forest area.

Most visitors head for the more iconic installations like the mirror installation, the colored crates, and the Olympic statues. There are, apparently, 52 installations in all, and it’s considered quite the feat to see each one. Needless to say though, we only saw a handful, then the kids shocked the locals by playing in the river in the 65ish-degree temps that most thought was frigid! Honestly, it was a low-key adventure. And, if you want a break from crowds, some fun little photo-ops, and something that’s truly distinctly Korean, Anyang Art Park fits the bill.

Anyang Art Park Exhibit Map
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Anyang Art Park

Tips for Visiting Anyang Art Park in Anyang

Address: For Naver – 경기도 안양시 만안구 예술공원로 131; For Waze – 131, Yesulgongwon-ro, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (these addresses will take you to the area; then, just find parking!)

Price: Admission is Free!

Parking: There are several paid lots throughout the city, and we parked at the one just before over the bridge. It’s small though, and it fills up fast. It’s a paid lot, and they accept cash.

Amenities Onsite: It’s a city area, so you’ll find just about everything. There are hiking trails, a stream for fishing and playing, multiple cafes, public restrooms, and more.

Accessibility: Most of the city-based installations are accessible. Once in the forest area, however, it gets more difficult for wheelchairs and/or strollers because it is not paved.