10 must-see places with kids near camp humphreys

must see places with kids near camp humphreys

New to Camp Humphreys? Are you stationed near Camp Humphreys and looking for things to do and places to visit nearby? We’re about to wrap up two years in South Korea and stationed at Camp Humphreys, and we’ve done our absolute best to explore and do as much as possible whilst on the peninsula. I know it can be hard to explore a new country – especially with kiddos – but I wanted to share some of our absolute favorite must-see places with kids near Camp Humphreys – all within about two hours. (I promise…you won’t be disappointed!)

10 Must-See Places with Kids Near Camp Humphreys

When I wrote this list, I wanted to offer a little bit of everything. So, the first half of this list contains some of our favorites – all within one hour of Camp Humphreys! Parking, addresses, and details are within the individual posts.

1 // Gwacheon National Science Museum

I love how interactive Korea’s museums are for families. Unlike a lot of the museums in the US, Korea’s museums are made to be explored by all ages. From the dinosaur exhibits to the space exploration, insects, and more, this was a perfect one for a poor-AQI day in South Korea.

must-see places with kids near camp humphreys

geumgang nature art biennale bear

2 // Geumgang Nature Biennale

Want to see a giant teddy bear? Visit here! Want to go inside the giant teddy bear? Also here! Part art park, part hiking, and all sorts of fun for all ages, this was such a distinctly Korean day trip, and we all enjoyed exploring each exhibit along the trails.

3 // Tando Island Sea Crossing in Ansan

This is another one of those gems that flies under the radar for foreigners, but it’s actually pretty popular for locals! Time it just right, and you can be there as the tide goes out revealing a walking path to the island across the water. One of my favorite photography sessions was done there, too, so you can see it both high and low tide.

what is fall like in south korea

suwon hwaseong fortress

4 // Elephant Rock Trail

This was one of our first adventures and hikes on the peninsula, and I’ve been a few times since. It’s just about an hour from Humphreys, and it’s a decent little hike (really not that hard) for those who enjoy some exertion. The “beach” is all rocks, but at low tide, you’ll see everything from starfish to crabs all around.

5 // Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

Okay, so everyone knows of the Suwon Fortress. The real secret though is that you should go at night. It’s busy, but everyone enjoys picnics, and we managed to do our balloon ride over the city at night. Yes, we 10/10 recommend doing it at night!

Places to Visit with Kids Near Camp Humphreys within 2 Hours

The following sites are around two hours from Camp Humphreys, but they’re well within reason for a day trip and absolutely worth the drive! As always, check your traffic before you go; Koreans tend to start their days a little later, so the earlier you go, the fewer crowds and traffic you’ll face.

6 // Ppuri Park in Daejeon

We visited this one in 2021 back when mask mandates outdoors were still in effect, and it was such a neat experience. This park flies a little under the radar for USFK families, but seeing family histories, sampling the treats at local cafes, and enjoying days on the water are a perfect way to spend a summer day.

ppuri park korea

farm kamille in taean

7 // Farm Kamille in Taean

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times; Korea does everything extra. Farm Kamille is no exception. Come for the lavender ice cream, but stay for the cafes onsite, the incredible gardens, and visit annually for the pink muhly, roses, and more. Bonus – there’s a petting zoo!

8 // Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge in Wonju

If you ask my family about their absolute favorite outdoor adventure in South Korea, this is it. Wonju’s suspension bridges are bar none, and they definitely aren’t for the faint of heart. They weeble and wobble, but they offer unparalleled views of the valleys below. Be sure to check out the rock climbing and other activities, as well as the village cafes below!

sogeumsan suspension bridge wonju

mancheonha skywalk danyang south korea

daejeon bridge lit up

9 // Mancheonha Skywalk in Danyang

I don’t even remember how I stumbled on this one, but it’s one of our favorites! It’s not that hard, but it does require a little bit of a walk up to the glass bridges overlooking the valleys below. There are also mountain luges, ziplines, and more. And, as always, there’s a café there that will blow your mind with its waffles and its views.

10 // Daejeon Expo Bridge

As parents, we tend to do most things during the day with kids, but we visited the Daejeon Expo Bridge at night, and it was so fun. Once the site of the World Expo, the bridge lights up with a water and light show, there are ice cream vendors, and people bike and scooter around the park well past dusk. Plus, there’s paid parking onsite. Win, win!

There are far more must-see places with kids near Camp Humphreys than the 10 listed here, but with our time running short on the pen, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites. For those new to Camp Humphreys or Osan, I urge you to get out there and explore. Yes, it’s challenging. Yes, parking often makes me lose my mind, and traffic is the devil. But still, it’s worth it!