are beddy’s worth it? our honest review of beddy’s

are beddy's worth it

You know those targeted ads online that seem to know exactly what your pain points are and how to ease them? You know those products that have seemingly endless hype, but you very rarely see a really in-depth, honest review that makes you think, “hmmm…that person has a point…”? Well, this was the case with Beddy’s for us. I’ve heard people talk about them – rave about them, really – for years, and when we got the boys their first bunk beds, I coveted them. Like, a lot. I really wanted Beddy’s for the kids, and last year in South Korea, I finally bit the bullet when I saw a big sale, and I bought them. It’s been almost a full year now though, so I figured that I can finally honestly share my thoughts. So, are Beddy’s worth it, you ask? Here’s our real, honest review of Beddy’s.

What Are Beddy’s – and Why Do People Love Them?

First and foremost, for those who don’t know what Beddy’s are, in the simplest of terms, Beddy’s are zippered bedding that take the place of your comforter and combine your bottom sheet, fitted sheet, and comforter all in one. Designed to zip up, they boast an overall “ease” that most bunk-bed owners covet (I know I did).

The other main appeal of Beddy’s is that they help encourage a bit of self-sufficiency. Kiddos can zip them up themselves, thus teaching them to make their beds in a simpler form. Both these facts really appealed to me as we taught the boys the value of cleanliness and pickup up after themselves. They’re designed specifically to help those working with tight spaces like bunk beds, RVs, and corner beds, and they come in a number of different styles. With traditional sheets, minky sheets, flannel, and more, there’s a style for everyone.

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What We Like About Beddy’s Bedding

The cost of Beddy’s has always deterred me from buying in the past, but I will be the first to admit that they have some pretty good sales. Since we needed two for the boys’ bunk beds, I liked that I’d be able to get two identical sets that would offer us an overall streamlined look for their room. Plus, the streamlined design offered a bit of simplicity, which meant that the boys’ room could look tidier and less haphazard as they learned to make their beds.

Having had them and washed them for almost a full year now, I can also attest to their durability. From multiple washes, dries, packing, shipping around the world twice – once to us once in our household goods – they’ve held up pretty nicely throughout.

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are beddy's worth it

What We Don’t Love About Beddy’s

The boys are both in twin-sized bunks, and we bought them the Reese Beddy’s set in gray, and I believe it was being discontinued at the time, which is why we got the price we did. The non-sale price was $279.99, and we got each for $179, which we justified with free shipping to our APO at the time, which was a huge plus for us. It came with the gray-and-white comforter and minky sheet combo, plus a pillow case and sham.

When they arrived, they’d held up well, but I was immediately disappointed by the quality of the pillowcase and sham. The material felt cheap for that cost, and the sham barely fit over their standard pillows and still doesn’t. The zippers like to snag on the minky a lot, too, which actually makes it pretty annoying when the boys make their beds. When I wash them, too, they’re bulky, and I can only wash one at a time. It’s suggested that you wash cold and tumble-dry on low, and it takes hours to dry. If you know the nature of minky, too, it stretches and contracts in opposing ways of its cotton bedspread counterpart, so the two don’t really hold up equally over time.

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So, Are Beddy’s Worth It? Our Honest Review of Beddy’s

While Beddy’s are a very cool concept, I have to admit that we don’t love them, and we won’t buy them again. The price is honestly too much to stomach or replace over time like one would with traditional comforters and sheets, and when my kids like to customize their room, the bedding is usually our first place. Basically, it’s a non-starter in that respect.

And, though it’s admittedly easier to make the bunk beds on my part, as well as for the boys to simply zip them up and go in the morning, I don’t feel they offered as clean as an aesthetic as the price point justified. Plus, I have to spend an entire day just to wash and dry them weekly (which is the most they recommend washing them). Finally, now that the kids are in a triple bunk, too, I just don’t think Beddy’s are worth it, and we won’t add a third to the bottom bunk.

Still Looking for a Beddy’s Coupon?

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Tell me – have you seen or tried Beddy’s for yourself? I’d love to hear what you think!