currently: september in alaska

september in alaska

I’m sitting here looking at the calendar, and I’m still blown away that it’s already September. Not only is it September though. It’s our first September in Alaska, which makes it one for the books. What an absolutely wild ride this year has been thus far, and I can’t believe we’re nine months into 2023. Time flies when you’re having fun…or moving around the world, eh? It’s time for this month’s episode of Currently, in which we’re sharing what we’re loving, seeing, dreaming, eating, and using to decorate.

Currently: September in Alaska

Loving // I am loving the fact that we’re diving headfirst into sports season here! When Covid hit in 2020, the boys were newly in ninja, and they were firmly in swim lessons. Covid shook it all up though, and sports didn’t start again before we moved to South Korea. Then, between restrictions and lack of options on post, it took forever to finally get them into jiujitsu near Camp Humphreys. Basically, we never had a sports schedule, and it sucked. Now, we’re busy. The boys are both doing jiujitsu here. Spencer is swimming, Porter has hockey, and Mieke has gymnastics. It’s so fun to see them thrive in athletics and a new routine.

learn to play hockey fairbanks

gymnastics fairbanks alaska

swim team fairbanks alaska

Seeing // We’re seeing all the leaves changing here! We were warned that fall is quick, and these low-50-degree days are evident of that. The leaves are changing (and falling) fast, and it’s so neat to see the seasons turn right before our eyes. This time last year in Korea, it was still blazing hot!

Dreaming // Right now, we’re dreaming up all the fun winter trip ideas! Ryan will have block leave this winter, and we’re pondering another Space A trip somewhere fun! We kind of went big with our trip to Vietnam in March, then our next trip to the Philippines in May, so we’re hoping to Space A to save a little – all while still getting away. A trip back East to New Hampshire is out of the question financially this holiday season, sadly, but we’re going to make the most of the season, regardless. Where should we go?!

hatcher pass road trip

what to do in healy

Eating // It’s soup season, folks! Soups are on rotation again here, though we’re also trying to eat a lot of fast, kid-friendly weeknight meals, too, because we’re rarely home in the evenings. Needless to say, my Pinterest game for meals is going strong because I always need good, healthy, and easy weeknight meals.

Using to Decorate // I find this prompt very apropos, seeing as we just moved in, and we’re in the middle of decorating our home. I recently discovered Temu, thanks to a friend (here’s looking at you, Rachelle), and I’ve found some awesome – and cheap – details to help decorate and organize our home. They ship pretty fast, too, so I’m excited about that!

September in Alaska is busy. That’s honestly just the name of the game now. Ryan’s heading into the field next week for our first little time apart here in Alaska, but I’m also aware it’s the first of what will be many TDYs whilst here. Cheers to fall, and cheers to busy months ahead!

Tell me – what are you loving, seeing, dreaming, eating, and using to decorate this month?