the best restaurants in fairbanks alaska

best restaurants fairbanks alaska

Are we surprised that I’m posting about food again? Seriously though? We love food. It was one of our favorite parts of living in South Korea; there was never a shortage of great restaurants because new ones cropped up every week. It’s a little different here in Alaska, but I can comfortably say that the food scene in Fairbanks is actually not that bad. It’s (dare I say?) even good? Now, it’s no Korean food scene, but there is a surprisingly good variety here, too. So, we’re sharing 5 of the best restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska that you should definitely try!

4 of the Best Restaurants in Fairbanks

I feel like I should caveat this entire post with the fact that is one particular ethnic food group that is quite lacking in Fairbanks. Any guesses? You probably won’t be shocked to know that it’s Mexican food. There aren’t many – if any – really good Mexican eateries here, which is a bit of a bummer. I’ve heard that The Fire in Delta Junction makes a mean burrito and birria taco from time to time, but we haven’t made it out that way yet. Nevertheless, here’s is what you can find here in Fairbanks.

The Crepery

This was actually the very first restaurant we tried with my mom when we arrived in Alaska this summer! The Crepery is in old downtown Fairbanks, right by the river and has a little bit of everything. In the mood for something sweet? They’ve got that. Feel like a savory crepe? They’ve got that, too! Plus, choose from a full drink menu included handcrafted cocktails, soft drinks, and more. It’s a hit for everyone.

Our Favorites: Brie, Bacon and Avocado Crepe for the adults and the Nutella and Banana Crepe for the kids (Mieke loves the Whip-Cream and Berries Crepe, too!)

Address: 523 2nd Ave, Fairbanks, AK

the crepery fairbanks ak

the crepery fairbanks ak

The Banks Alehouse

Regardless of your take on brews, Banks is one of those eateries that’s perfect for the whole family. They have a full bar area, as well as a full family dining area with boots and tables. We took my mom when we first arrived, and we’ve gone a few times since, and we’re never disappointed. Despite being consistently busy, they seat you and serve you quickly. Plus, if you’re into sports, you can watch the game (or any game, really!) on one of the many TVs throughout.

Our Favorites: Halibut Tacos for the adults, and the kids love the Chicken Tenders and Sweet Potato Fries

Address: 1243 Old Steese Highway, Fairbanks, AK

Ivory Jacks

This is one of those where you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Ivory Jacks came highly recommended to us by a good friend in our neighborhood when we just arrived, and she was right. Ivory Jacks gives off the vibe of a dive bar, and it’s the quirkiest mix of a gluten-free establishment with a full bar, jukebox, memorabilia, and everything in between. It’s neat because it seems very popular with the locals but not-so well known by those unless referred. But trust me. It’s worth the visit for the steak.

Our Favorites: New York Strip Steak (it is so good), Bill’s Bacon Cheeseburger, and Meat Lovin’ Larry’s Pizza

Address: 2581 Goldstream Road, Fairbanks, AK

ivory jacks fairbanks

ivory jacks fairbanks

The Hungry Robot Pizza

Okay, but who doesn’t like pizza?! One of the things we missed the most while living in South Korea was good pizza. We found one or two places that did pizza well there, but pizza is one good thing about being back in the USA. The Hungry Robot has wood-fired pizza, so it’s got that rich cheesy, dense flavor we know and love so much. Better yet, they do take out and delivery on post, too, which is always a plus!

Our Favorites: Murdered by Meat pizza, Burning Bumble Bee loaded fries

Address: 910 Old Steese Highway, Fairbanks, Alaska

seoul gate restaurants fairbanks

east ramp wood fired pizza

root beer floats fairbanks

east ramp pizza fairbanks

More Great Restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska

We haven’t made it to all the hotspots in town yet (like I said…there are a lot!) but we’ve made a point of enjoying as many local offerings as possible. Here are some other local Fairbanks eateries you won’t want to miss.

East Ramp Wood-Fired Pizza – Located just off the civilian side of the airport in Fairbanks, you can have delicious hand-made (hand-tossed) pizza while watching planes take off!

Blue Roof Bistro – Known for its burgers, seafood tacos, and French fries, it’s the perfect casual spot for fuss-free dining. (Note: they close December and January.)

HooDoo Brewing Company – It’s more than just brews! Sure, you’ll come for the locally-brewed beers on tap, but you’re going to love the revolving food trucks that bring their offerings onsite!

The Salmon Bake – Like a lot of places in Alaska, this one’s seasonal, but if you like seafood, this is an absolute must-visit!

Seoul Gate Restaurant – We miss Korean food so much! If you want some proper gimbap, this is where you’ll find it…though for a much heftier pricetag.

Some of the best restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska look like little holes-in-the-wall, but they’re so good. Don’t underestimate what this little town has to offer!