currently: november in alaska

november in alaska

I don’t do a lot of link-ups or link parties anymore, but this is just one of those that I love because it’s a little bit of life lately – all boiled down into one little post. It’s time for this month’s edition of “Currently,” in which we’re sharing a little bit about November in Alaska. This month, we’re sharing what we’re loving, buying, prepping, borrowing, and planning, and we’re staying busy this month (but what’s new?!)

Currently: November in Alaska

Loving // There is so much newness to life in interior Alaska, but we’re loving the absolute joy of having wonderful neighbors-turned-friends. We hit the jackpot with wonderful neighbors here on Fort Wainwright, meeting some of our best friends here within the first few weeks. The kids have built-in playmates, one of our neighbors is Korean, which has felt so beautifully familiar and wonderful and like home for us, and we’ve been so blessed to have ample time – and space – to really get to know them.

Buying // ‘Tis the season for preparing for the holiday season, but we’re going a bit “leaner” this year, shall we say? We have some trips planned this coming year in which we hope to see family, and we want to budget for those accordingly. We did, however, make one solid purchase and got a steam sauna, which I fully intend to share about soon because it was a fabulous choice. I see many a cold winter day in there in our future.

november in alaska

fort wainwright life

life at fort wainwright

Prepping // Right now, we’re prepping for our first visitors in Alaska! Remember when my parents visited us in South Korea? Thus far, my parents are the only ones who’ve consistently visited us at every single duty station, and it means so dang much to us. We can’t wait to show them “fall” in interior Alaska and spend the Thanksgiving holiday with them! We started a tradition the past couple of years of putting up our Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving, and being able to share that with my parents this year is so exciting.

Borrowing // I don’t know that I’ve actually borrowed anything lately! I have Kindle Unlimited though (if you want to go really in depth here), so I guess I’m borrowing a few books on there?

Planning // I’m deep in the trenches planning our Thanksgiving feast, as well as the different types of breads I’ll be giving neighbors this year instead of cookies for the holidays. We’re also planning trips for this coming year, including a trip to South Carolina in the spring to see family and, hopefully, a trip to New England at some point. We’re also planning some of our Fort Wainwright bucket list adventures, but many are seasonal and take some time to get going. We’ll see!

what to do in the winter in alaska

winter at fort wainwright

This is such a strange season of life for our family lately. November in Alaska is cold but fun, adventurous but close to home. I sent in my passport renewal this past week, and there is definitely an undercurrent of excitement each time we do that. Adventures are waiting to be embarked upon and explored but, for now, this season is sweet at home.

Tell me – what are you loving, buying, prepping, borrowing, and planning this November?