our nurecover steam sauna review

nurecover sauna review

I feel like I‘ve properly articulated how cold it is in Alaska already now, right? Maybe? Well, if I haven’t yet, allow me to clarify: it’s cold. Today, we’re expecting a high of about 14 degrees. This weekend, our highs are supposed to be in the single digits, so winter is here. Properly now. The nice thing about Fort Wainwright housing is that it’s well-insulated, and our homes are properly cozy though so, thankfully, we have that respite from cold temperatures. We also decided to invest in some additional things to help us get through cold winter days (and nights) – like a pop-up steam sauna. So, today, we’re sharing our Nurecover Steam Sauna Review.

All About the Nurecover Tropic Home Steam Sauna

First and foremost, the Nurecover Tropic Sauna is designed to be a portable, at-home steam sauna, utilizing a tent-like design to insulate heat and trap it inside. Designed to work anywhere at home, we were drawn to the compact nature of it, as well as the portability.

The Nurecover Steam Sauna offers full-body coverage, a unique cornered design to be tucked away and take up less space, and fits individuals up to 6’1″ standing. Included is a foldable chair, a microfiber cleaning towel, a sweat/steam-absorbing mat, and a super-simple smart steam device so you can basically load and go.

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Why We Chose the Nurecover Steam Sauna

Ryan’s entertained the idea of a sauna for a while now. Yes, there are saunas at the gyms on post, but there’s something appealing to having one in your own home. However, traditional dry saunas are thousands of dollars, and the market is pretty saturated with steam saunas ranging in price from dirt cheap to ridiculously expensive. We really liked that the Nurecover Steam Sauna had a pretty reasonable price tag at just $349.

We also really liked the idea of it simply being a pop-up model. These base houses on Fort Wainwright are designed somewhat funky – at least in our neighborhood. Lots of stuff doesn’t fit through the doorways, and we actually had to leave our treadmill in the garage, rather than putting it with our Peloton in the basement. We wanted a sauna that we could put anywhere, and we actually put it in the garage, too. It’s compact at just 6’1 tall, 40.5″ wide, and 48″ deep. It runs 20-60 minutes with a maximum temperature of 130F, and it reaches temperature quickly.

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Our Honest Nurecover Steam Sauna Review

When we finally bit the bullet and bought it, we kind of looked at it like, well, if it doesn’t work out, at least it wasn’t too expensive. And, I actually had it in my cart for a full 12 hours, and in that time, they offered an additional 15% discount to buy. So, when I finally did buy it, we paid $286 total. Ultimately, we really like the Nurecover Tropic Sauna. It was super easy for Ryan to assemble, and it runs beautifully.

I will say that, in terms of saunas of portable home saunas, the Nurecover Tropic Sauna is pretty simply made. In fact, we could probably have bought our own steam machine and used a standing popup tent to create similar efficacy. However, the insulated nature of it makes it so much better, and it gets dang hot in there. We also really love that Nurecover offers free shipping to Alaska, which is basically unheard of. We might be a tax-free state here, but shipping is usually astronomical. Free shipping was huge. Ultimately, we’re really enjoying our steam sauna.

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What to Know About the Nurecover Sauna

There are definitely a few things to know about the Nurecover sauna. First and foremost, it gets hot. And when I say it gets hot, I mean the business end of the steam hose gets hot. When in the sauna, you want to make sure you don’t get anywhere near the end of that steam hose, or it will burn you.

Shipping, as I said, was free to Alaska, and that was huge to us. It was also delivered in 7 days, which was faster than I expected. The seat is a little small, but it’s definitely comfortable, and I love that I can leave my speaker in the garage and listen to music while I steam. The kids love it, too! We really enjoy this purchase, and it was absolutely worth every penny. In fact, we’re thinking about getting the ice bath pod, too!