our favorite amazon purchases for winter in alaska

amazon winter in alaska

I really don’t do these types of posts lately, but I realized two things recently. One, we do a lot more shopping on Amazon than I’d care to admit. And, two, a lot of what we’ve purchased lately are some of our favorite purchases for winter in Alaska. People tell you that Alaska is expensive and it’s a world of extremes – which it is – but they don’t necessarily tell you all the things that go into preparing you for your first winter in Alaska. So, partly to justify all these Amazon purchases and partly to share the things that have helped us lately, I’m putting this post out into the ether.

Our Favorite Amazon Purchases for Winter in Alaska

Turtle Fur Shellaclavas

We own plenty of balaclavas, and I’ve been really partial to my Outdoor Research balaclava for some time, but there are some unique challenges in interior Alaska. First, it’s extremely cold, and balaclavas can actually freeze to your face and peel off your skin. Second. you really want something a little more insulated here. These fleece Turtle Fur Shellaclavas go over the head, and the neck/mouth portion is fleece, so it covers your face but doesn’t freeze. We all have them now!

favorite amazon purchases winter in alaska

favorite amazon purchases winter in alaska

Dreo Smart Humidifier

They warn you about this one, but they don’t tell you just how dry it is in interior Alaska in the winter. We came from the humidity of South Korea to an extremely dry environment, and it’s been challenging for all of us. We have a Dreo Smart Humidifier in each bedroom, and the cool mist really makes it more comfortable to sleep. We don’t wake up with extreme dry mouth or scratchy throats anymore, so that’s been a huge bonus – especially for Spencer’s asthma.

favorite amazon purchases winter in alaska

ARMRA Colostrum

This goes hand-in-hand with the dryness here in Alaska. We also have really hard water, and it’s done a number on our hair, our skin, and our nails. This ARMRA Colostrum powder is easy to take each day, and I’ve noticed that my hair is less brittle and dry, and it also seems a little less prone to breakage. Plus, it’s unflavored and gluten-free.

Extendable Ice Scraper and Brush

Okay, we absolutely could have bought these locally, but the Alaska tax is real, my friends. Things here are super expensive. This 44-Inch Ice Scraper and Snow Brush is under $20, usually has a coupon, and is extendable, which made it perfect for both my Subaru and Ryan’s truck. We bought two, and they’ve gone everywhere with us now that the snow is on the ground for the next three to four months.

amazon purchases winter alaska

amazon purchases winter alaska

Fleece Lined Joggers

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but we don’t really wear jeans here in the winter. It’s too cold, and you can tell me till you’re blue in the face, but fleece jeans are just not flattering. At all. Enter these Baleaf Fleece Lined Joggers. They’re water resistant, thermal, and perfect for everyday wear, as well as for hikes, walks, runs, and everything in between. Truthfully, I wear them more often than I should.

Fleece-Lined Tights

Going to church in sub-zero temperatures is a completely different ballgame, my friends! Gone are the days of simple stockings in the winter. Yes, I absolutely bought these Sheer Fleece Lined Tights because they’re warm, still somewhat cute under church dresses, and keep me comfortable. I love these, too, because they’re pretty darn durable.


Ultimately, you’ll find a million recommendations for products every day, but I wanted to share our favorite Amazon purchases for winter in Alaska because I feel like it’s always a bit of a guessing game. Each of these has made a real difference for us lately, and I hope they help someone else, too! (Oh, and no, I don’t get commissions.)