currently: december in alaska

december in alaska

Is it wild to anyone else that we’re nearly halfway through December? No? Just me? Honestly, it feels like just yesterday that I was writing up the November edition of “Currently,” eagerly anticipating my parents’ arrival in Alaska and Thanksgiving here. Now, we’re inching steadily closer to Christmas, and we just celebrated Spencer’s ninth birthday last week…I mean, what?! The days just keep ticking by, and our sunlight in interior Alaska continues to wane, which is a whole thing in and of itself. But, I digress. Today, it’s time for Currently: December in Alaska, in which we’re sharing what we’re loving, gifting, wrapping, hoping, and attending this month.

Currently: December in Alaska

Loving // I am absolutely loving watching the kids kick some butt at jiu jitsu lately. They’ve been going five+ times per week, and watching them grow as little athletes has been so much fun to watch. Mieke is still mostly just enjoying the experience of playing on the mat, but the fact that she’s doing it at four makes my heart so happy.

Gifting // The biggest thing to note here is that Ryan informed me he’s gifting me a solo getaway soon! I’ve actually never been away from Mieke, and I haven’t spent a night away from the boys since Mieke was born (as far as I can remember, at least). Ryan is gone often with TDYs and military obligations so, for better or worse, I’m the default parent, and I’m largely fine with that. I’ve definitely felt overtired and absolutely overburdened lately, so planning a solo trip soon is already filling my cup.

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Wrapping // This is the first year that our eldest is actually questioning Christmas. I’ve sort of skirted the discussion because I’m just not ready yet, but I’m not wrapping gifts yet because I don’t want him to find anything. So, ya girl is just saving that magic for (hopefully) one more Christmas season and wrapping it all at the very last second.

Hoping // I am really hoping that my car situation is resolved soon. For those who’ve missed the entire debacle on my instagram, I bought my car back in June in New Hampshire, but it is still not registered. Due to errors on the dealer’s part, I was unable to register my car in our state of residence, Arizona and, now, Alaska has yet to approve my registration. Their deadline for their verdict is this week – two days from now, actually – so I’m really crossing my fingers. My final temporary plate expires 1/6, then I’m screwed.

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december in alaska

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Attending // We haven’t been doing too much beyond going to sports practices and the occasional church event lately, but we have been attending a few hockey games lately, and that’s been fun for the whole family. We’re hoping to get to one this week again, too!

December in Alaska is different. It’s cold. Not just cold…coldWe had our first -20F day this past weekend and, though it’s a little warmer today, the temps are supposed to drop again this week. We’re also down to four hours of sunlight per day, which has been a huge adjustment, but it’s also been pretty neat. Let me tell you…watching the sun start to set around 2 PM isn’t something you see every day!

Tell me – what are you loving, gifting, wrapping, hoping, and attending this month?