our 2023 christmas card

our 2023 christmas card

Is anyone else absolutely baffled that we’re already nearly to Christmas? I feel like this winter season (or this month, at least) has flown by as we’ve anxiously awaited the winter solstice and when we start gaining daylight again in Fairbanks, Alaska. But, here we are. This is my last post until Christmas, and since I’ve finally got my butt in gear and sent out our Christmas cards, it felt like a good time to share our 2023 Christmas card.

Our 2023 Christmas Card from Shutterfly

I do this post every year, and it’s been such a fun one for me because I get to look back on our old cards and remember those previous Christmases. In our last move, I found all our Christmas cards from 2017 on, and it was so neat to show the kids how they – and our family – has grown through the years. We remembered each of our homes, each of our states, and each of our duty stations, and I feel like each of those Christmas cards is a little slice of what we’ve experienced as a family.

I love doing this, too, so now I get to share with you our Christmas cards in reverse order…

our 2022 christmas card

2021 christmas card

2020 christmas card

2019 christmas card

2018 christmas card

2017 christmas card

Like the two years we spent in South Korea, we’ll be spending this Christmas alone here in Alaska as our own little family. As much as I’d love to say we’re heading to New Hampshire to see family, between the huge transcontinental move, settling into Alaska, and Ryan as OIC over Christmas, we’ll be spending the holiday here.

There’s something bittersweet about it. Though we miss family, we’ve come to find our own little military family at each duty station, as well. Facetime makes distance more palatable, and I’ll be honest – waking up in our own beds and on our own timeline is nice, too. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to travel and explore more in the New Year, but for now, we’re content to celebrate the holiday here together nice and cozy.

So, until after Christmas, wishing all of you a beautiful, sweet, and love-filled holiday!

(Oh, and if you’re reading this and waiting on our 2023 Christmas card, it’s coming. I promise!)