our 2023 in numbers

our 2023 in numbers

This is it, friends! It’s my final post of 2023, and goodness, I’m ready to bid this year adieu. There’s been so much to be grateful for this year, of course, but at the same time, we’ve faced some immense challenges as a family. I’m grateful for so much this year, and having taken a proper week off to celebrate this holiday season with my family has been just what the doctor ordered. Now though, it’s time to share our 2023 in numbers. This is something I do every year, and I love looking back throughout the year and remembering everything we’ve done.

Our 2023 in Numbers

4 // The number of international trips we took this year. We went to Vietnam in March, then we did a quick trip to the Philippines in May. We moved back to the USA in mid-June, and we traveled the AlCan Highway in July, taking us up through Canada’s British Columbia and the Yukon for the first time ever.

2 // The number of running races I did this year. I did a virtual half marathon in January, then I did a second in February. I haven’t raced since then, sadly, because I injured myself before the Seoul Marathon. I am, however, training for the Midnight Sun Marathon this coming summer, and I can’t wait!

592 // The number of miles I ran this year. It’s far less than I’d hoped, but it’s more than I ran in 2022 (I shared that number in our 2022 in numbers last year!) I’m excited to see what I manage to pull off this coming year.

flying space a with kids

Ba Na Hills SunWorld in Da Nang Vietnam

hoi an with kids

mount thuy marble mountains

what to do in boracay

boracay with family

1 // The number of deaths in our family this year. Ryan’s father passed away in May of this year, and Ryan ended up taking his second emergency flight home from South Korea to the United States.

9 // The number of years we’ve been married! We celebrated our ninth anniversary on January 4, 2023, and we’re this close to ringing in our 10th…a big milestone!

46 // The number of sessions I did for Missy Moore Photography this past year. It was far less than last year’s 59 sessions, but a lot of that was due to our move. My business was thriving in South Korea, but it’s been hard to gain a foothold here in a world of budget ‘togs and 8 months of winter. I’m grateful for all those clients I’ve had though and can’t wait to continue.

19 // The number of months we’ve been homeschooling now. I won’t lie – moving to homeschool in Alaska has been really difficult, in large part because we’re just inside so much. When it’s -22 outside like today, we’re outside for about 30-45 mins total, if that. We’re trucking along though, and the kids are doing great.

foreigners in south korea

transcontinental roadtrip with kids

exploring the flint hills of kansas

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tanana valley state fair rides

fall in interior alaska

northern lights cleary summit

things you'll love about fort wainwright

16 // The number of modeling jobs in Korea that the kids did before we moved. The boys absolutely loved it, and Mieke had learned to love it towards the end, too. It’s so fun to look back on all the amazing things they did and the brands they worked with.

3 // The number of times we camped this past year. We camped in British Columbia and stayed at Caribou RV Park in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory this past summer, and both were so fun! We’re hopeful we’ll be able to camp more this coming summer, and it’ll be much easier camping without cats sleeping in the car.

5 // The number of hikes we’ve done in Alaska thus far. I’m so excited to hike this coming spring and summer, and we’re looking forward to exploring and doing more as we further gain a foothold in this state.

80 // The number of blog posts I wrote this year. This was actually up from the 69 times I posted last year! I started this blog in 2013, so I’ve been at this for 10 years now. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel more times than I can count, but I am so grateful to have this living journal of our family’s memories. So, I’ll continue on…

Our 2023 in numbers reflects the massive life changes our family has endured and embraced this past year. We miss South Korea so much; so much so, in fact, that it’s tempered some of our excitement surrounding our big move to Alaska. I’m eternally grateful for these challenges, but I’d be lying if I said we’re not hoping to head back to Korea after Alaska. I feel like that’s the first time I’m actually publicly putting that out into the ether, but it’s true. It’s also wild to think that Ryan has less than five years until retirement. Then what? Who know what’s to come for 2024, but I’m prayerful it’ll be a good one!

Tell me – what are some of your highlights from this past year?