5 family-friendly restaurants in da nang, vietnam

5 family-friendly restaurants da nang vietnam

Remember that time we went to Vietnam for 10 days, and we had the absolute time of our lives? We’re reminiscing about warmer (and brighter) days this winter, and sharing a little bit more from our trip to Da Nang, Vietnam, and some of the best parts we discovered whilst in town. I think I’ve professed on more than one occasion that we’re absolute foodies, so we’re sharing how we found 5 family-friendly restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam that everyone will love during your vist!

Restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam

First and foremost, I feel like it’s important to note that Da Nang, as a whole, felt extremely family-friendly. In fact, everywhere we’ve been thus far in Asia through our travels has felt more than accommodating towards our family with fairly young children. Restaurants always seem well-equipped, and the patrons have always been kind to the kids.

family-friendly restaurants da nang vietnam

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Finding Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Vietnam

So, what do we consider “family-friendly” when, in theory, our kids have great palates? Honestly, we wanted something with a relaxed air that had enough of a selection for Ryan and myself to be more than satiated but also, at times, offer more Western options like fries, burgers, or fried chicken, which is always a treat for kids.

And yes, there are chains in Vietnam that are common in South Korea – like Lotteria. When we picked up groceries at Lotte Mart during our stay, the kids absolutely enjoyed a familiar trip to Lotteria for tasty treats they knew and loved. But, yes, there are way more options than that, too!

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5 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Da Nang, Vietnam That We Loved

Cookshop Da Nang // This gem offers everything from steaks, to seafood, to some of the best pizza our kids tasted during our time in Asia. The air is relaxed and casual, and it’s right in center Da Nang, which made it easy for drop-offs and pick-ups from Grab. Also, it was only about a mile and a half walk to the Chợ Đêm Sơn Trà Night Market.

Burger Bros NCT // We found this gem after a long day in old town Hoi An, and the kids really wanted something delicious and simple. Ryan and I were onboard, and we found this gem right in the expat district, which made it fun because we also met people from all over whilst there!

Umm Bahn Mi & Cafe // Located near My Khe Beach, this little gem was a favorite of ours once the kiddos realized that bahn mi are delicious! Our favorites were pork and pate, while the kiddos loved the bacon one because, well, bacon.

Puna Coffee and Cakes // Honestly, one of my favorite parts of our trip to Vietnam was all the fresh fruit, and this gem had fantastic fruit and smoothie bowls, coffees, and even tasty baked goods.

Com Tan Suon Cay // This was such a great one to try Com Tam, which is a broken rice dish. This one was awesome because the kiddos loved the dishes with grilled pork chops on top. While much food in Vietnam is spicy, this restaurant delivered milder options for the kids, too.

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Dining Out in Da Nang, Vietnam

One of the most parts about Vietnam is that the US dollar goes far. A full, multi-course meal at a restaurant (plus drinks) really didn’t run over $85ish – unless you count that Michelin-starred restaurant in Da Nang that Ryan and I went to solo.

It’s worth noting that even the local food restaurants deliver big flavors for extremely modest prices – read: cheap – so, it’s worth indulging and trying it all! Note that the restaurants directly on the beach tend to drive prices up a bit, but if you scour around, you’ll definitely find dozens of options for every taste and budget.