pyeongtaek agro-ecological park

pyeongtaek agro-ecological park

One of the most beautiful things about having lived for two years in South Korea is that we were able to do so much whilst on the peninsula; so much so, in fact, that I haven’t even written about some of those adventures yet. Right now, Alaska is absolutely freezing, so thinking about warmer days and all the fun times we had in Korea (with, hopefully, many more to come in the future!) is helping us get through those cold, dark days. One of those adventures near Camp Humphreys was our visit(s) to Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park, a local gem that is almost underrated in its beauty.

All About Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park

Living in South Korea, it’s easy to turn your sights to the big adventures and the huge destinations. Most people actually snub their nose at the Pyeongtaek area in the grand scheme of things because, for all intents and purposes, it’s farm country. Pyeongtaek has its local gems though, and Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park is one of those.

If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you know that Korea goes hard for its outdoor spaces. Think: extra extra. If South Korea has an opportunity to turn a simple park into something spectacular, they absolutely will, and Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park is no exception. It’s beautiful every season. We’ve visited in the winter when everything is brown and gray, and the animals are a highlight with beautiful holiday lights in the background. In the spring, the place is alive with color.

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pyeongtaek agro-ecological park

What to Do at Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park

Operated by Pyeongtaek-si, the Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park is a psuedo “theme” park that’s perfect for all ages. Locals and visitors, alike, flock to the perfectly manicured walking paths that wind through the park. Pet-owners love the enclosed playground area for dogs to run and play. Children love the animal enclosures where you’ll see birds, peacocks, bunnies, and more, and the playground? Bar none.

There are actually over 170 species of plants and flowers throughout the botanical garden, and nature lovers (like yours truly) love being able to bask in this beautifully-landscaped park literally just off the interstate. Oh, and friends? There’s a parking lot. If you know Korea, you’ll know that’s a big one.

pyeongtaek agro-ecological park address

currently may 2023

currently may 2023

Our Favorite Parts of the Park

Spring is absolutely, hands-down my favorite season at Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park. The tulips are a sight to see, and being able to take the boys there on a few different homeschool days to draw the tulips was such a treat for all of us. Each season, they host the Pyeongtaek Flower Festival, which needs no further introduction. Mieke’s school took a trip there, and we spent hours running around the grounds and enjoying the fresh air.

The playground has a great sandy area, which is always a hit, and we love that it’s just about 20 minutes from Camp Humphreys. So, even when everyone is tired, and hot, and messy, you’re just minutes from home to clean back up. Basically, it’s the ideal outing if you hope to stay local.

Tips for Visiting Pyeongtaek Agro-Ecological Park

Address: For Naver – 경기도 평택시 오성면 청오로 33-34 ; For Waze – 33-34, Cheongo-ro, Oseong-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

Price: Free! Kids under 9 are allowed to enter only when accompanied by a parent and/or guardian.

Parking: There is a large parking lot, but it does fill up quickly during the spring and summer months. Arrive early!

Amenities: There is a small grocery/fresh market and cafe onsite. There are clean public restrooms, playgrounds, and easy access to and from the freeway.

Accessibility: Most of the park, barring the stairs leading up floral hill, is accessible to both strollers and wheelchairs.