why i took a momcation + why you should, too

why i took a momcation

Hi, friends! It’s been a hot minute. I feel like winter is sort of a season of slowing down, and we’ve definitely done that. Between work, homeschooling the kids, the holidays, and more, we sort of took a step back, and I don’t regret it at all. Then, Ryan surprised me and told me he wanted me to take a proper little break – something I’ve never done before – and get away alone. So, I’m sharing why I took a momcation, and how you can, too because, let me tell you. It was soul fuel.

Why I Took a Momcation

Curious what a momcation is? Well, it’s actually a thing. Who knew? The New York Times even wrote about it in 2020. A momcation is a break from our everyday lives and responsibilities, and the travel industry has 100% gotten on board with the idea. But I’ve never taken a proper little trip alone. I’d planned to in Seoul last year but, unfortunately, an emergency brought us back quickly, and my hopes at an overnight trip were dashed. Fast-forward to 2024 though, and I can I officially say that I took a proper momcation. I got away – alone.

Mieke was born in 2019, and I have never actually spent a single night away from her. Ever. Since leaving South Korea this past June, moving to Alaska, diving into homeschool and life in the interior, and more, I’ve experienced a level of burnout I didn’t even know was possible. Candidly? I was so burned out that I’d wake up crying and go to sleep crying. I was so tired, I’ve missed Korea so much, and I’ve really struggled adapting here, and I needed a break…and Ryan knew it, too.

why i took a momcation

What I Did for My Momcation

I didn’t really have a big set of plans for a trip away. I knew I wanted a break from household chores, and I really wanted a kid-free weekend. I adore my children, but I feel like most moms can attest that you get to a point where you’re kind of just treading water. In order to actually properly dive back in, I needed to step back from that and refocus.

So, I flew to Seattle and spent a weekend with my friend Maribel, who I first met when we lived at JBLM. Remember them? They were our hiking buddies, and it was so good to see them. Maribel’s family has lived here at Fort Wainwright, too, so she was able to truly relate to everything we talked about. My goals for my momcation were simple though; be a fun auntie to Maribel’s girls, spend time with my friend, and hike. We accomplished all of it, and it was perfect.

momcation ideas

momcation on a budget

How We Planned My Momcation – and Why You Should, Too

Ryan originally wanted to send me to Korea to see my friend Jen, and I was all in. The idea of a quick trip with that level of jetlag though just wasn’t going to work, so we agreed that heading to Washington was the perfect quick trip. Flights were pricey though, and the $790+ price tag was daunting, so we actually used our Amex travel rewards points and got a completely free flight. I flew out on Friday, and I flew back to Fairbanks on Monday.

I’ve been a mother for over nine years now, and I can honestly say that self-care is one of those things you can’t neglect. It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but if you’re trying to pour from an empty cup, eventually, you will be bled dry. This little trip was just want I needed. It wasn’t fancy or exorbitant. I didn’t have a spa day, but I got a real break, and that’s what I ultimately needed.

momcation ideas

How You Can Take a Momcation on a Budget

When we planned my momcation, I made it very clear that I didn’t want to spend an absurd amount of money. So, we planned my momcation on a budget. Here are some ideas how you can, too.

  • Consider a staycation at a local hotel or Airbnb
  • Use airline or travel rewards points to book your momcation
  • Shop for deals on groupon
  • Split the cost with a mom friend and take a staycation together
  • Book all-inclusive if possible
  • Put the money where it matters – a good meal, an excursion, or a spa, perhaps?
  • Try a road trip
  • Travel in off season

Ultimately, the options are endless, but a momcation – if you can manage it – is worth it. I had groceries delivered for Ryan ahead of time, and I was able to just unplug. For military families, I booked my staycation over a four-day weekend for him, so he didn’t need to take leave, which made it easier, too. And you know what? It was perfect.

Tell me – have you ever taken a momcation?