currently: february in alaska

february in alaska

We’re a whole week into February, folks, and I have to say that after these dark few months (both literally and figuratively), gaining daylight has been so welcomed. We’re also on the flipside of nearly three full weeks of absolutely frigid temperatures, which kept us hunkering down for warmth for days on end. Right now, we’re above zero outside, and it feels deceptively like spring, which is definitely still a long way off here. Nevertheless, it’s time for this month’s version of Currently: the February in Alaska edition, in which we’re sharing five things we’re loving, looking forward to, doing to be romantic, changing, and celebrating.

Currently: February in Alaska

Loving // It goes without saying, but I’m absolutely loving these “warmer” temperatures! Alaska has ruined me. I now think that a 3F morning is warm enough for a comfortable 3.5-mile run outside. Honestly though, when 5ish degrees is more than 50 degrees warmer than the past few weeks, it feels incredible. The kids have been playing outside again, and the fresh air is amazing.

Looking Forward to // I am looking forward to some fun little adventures we have planned in the next few weeks. These warmer temperatures have us out and about again, and we’ve figured out where the proverbial weak links are in our gear to stay warm and explore more. I’m so excited to see and do more in the coming months with these kiddos.

-40F fairbanks alaska

february in alaska

Doing to Be Romantic // Uhhhhhhhhh…Ryan’s gone again, so I don’t think I’m the least bit romantic at all right now. I’m editing beautiful couples’ sessions for my photography business though, and that feels sort of romantic? I laugh, but seriously, these couples are amazing because they braved cold temps for beautiful photos!

Changing // There’s a lot changing right now! The boys are diving into full competition-prep for their jiu jitsu again, and they’re changing things up and training only in gi for the next couple months. I’m changing up my winter boots because after getting a minor cold weather injury, I’ve decided to get something that’ll keep me warm regardless of the cost.

homeschool in alaska

february in alaska

february in alaska

Celebrating // It goes without saying, but we’re celebrating these warmer temps by enjoying afternoons on the sled hill again, planning little excursions, and celebrating the longer days, which will continue to get longer and longer through the summer solstice. It feels like here, you celebrate the little wins, and I’m learning to do that slowly but surely.

I’ve had a really hard time adjusting to life in Alaska – especially missing South Korea so much – but I think it’s worth noting that we are still so grateful for this opportunity. It’s showed us so much about ourselves, our values, our priorities, and how we adapt to hardships. The kids, as ever, just roll with it, and they never fail to impress me. So, cheers to February in Alaska and being one step closer to warm days!

Tell me – what are you loving, looking forward to, doing to be romantic, changing, and celebrating this month.