currently: march in alaska

march in alaska

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m very rarely going to post on a schedule these days. I always find myself busy doing something or distracted by the kids’ homeschooling. Yet, here I am, posting two days in a row. I know…what? But, it’s time for one of my favorite posts of the month – Currently – in which we share five things we’re currently doing. So, since we’re a week into March in Alaska, it’s time to share this month’s round of five things, including what we’re loving, looking forward to, planning, wearing, and eating.

Currently: March in Alaska

Loving // I am absolutely loving this “warmer” weather here in interior Alaska. Why do I say “warmer” with quotations, you ask? Well, warm is relative. It’s been in the mid-20s all week, and it feels downright springlike with the warm sun hovering overhead, and we’re gaining over 45 minutes of daylight per week now. This will continue until the summer solstice, when we’ll top out with nearly 24 full hours of daylight. So, when I say we’re loving this warmer weather, I mean it. We’re enjoying it.

Looking Forward to // Since we’re on the topic, I’ll be entirely honest and say that we’re just mostly looking forward to long summer days – preferably hot and full of sun. This winter in interior Alaska has been really hard for all of us, and I’ve struggled a lot emotionally through it all. But with long, bright days on the horizon, we’re looking forward to playing outside all the time, plenty of camping, hiking new areas of this vast state, and just exploring as much as possible.

march in alaska

what is spring like in fairbanks alaska

march in alaska

Planning // Right now, we’re busy planning our next big trip. It’s too soon to share any concrete details, but we’re excited by the prospect of it, and we thrive on a good challenge. I’ve finished filling out Spencer and Mieke’s new passport information, and I scheduled a new passport appointment next week since both their passports expire this summer. Big things are always on the horizon!

Wearing // Look. I’m never going to be a fashion blogger. And, let’s be entirely honest here; Alaska isn’t a place for fashion. So, can I satisfy this one by simply saying I’m wearing regular leggings vs. fleece-lined leggings now that we’re having the aforementioned warmer weather? I have been wearing a lot more workout clothes lately, too, because I’ve made a point of actually getting to the gym consistently.

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march in alaska

Eating // I’m eating a lot of healthier foods these days, folks. After debating it for a hot minute, I actually signed up to work with Amber Crowley, a nutrition and fitness coach, and she’s set a solid meal plan for me, which has been good in terms of food prep and taking the guesswork out of things. The kids are fans of the food, and I’m a fan of feeling fuller longer. So, win/win?

March in Alaska, if what I’m told is right, is actually often the snowiest month of winter here, which makes sense because it’s warm enough to snow. We’ve had a few nights of little snowfalls lately, and the last gasp of fresh powder has been pretty, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t itching for spring to come in earnest now (hence my joking spring reels on instagram). So, let’s just keep crossing our fingers that we’re a matter of weeks out till breakup season, m’kay?

Tell me – what are you loving, looking forward to, planning, wearing, and eating this month?