2024 alaska state brazilian jiu jitsu championships

2024 alaska state brazilian jiu jitsu championships

If you’ve been here for some time, you likely know that the boys have been doing jiu jitsu now for over a year. It’s sort of a family thing, as Ryan does jiujitsu, as well. They started in Korea, and when we got to Alaska last summer, getting them on a team here was one of the first things we did, and I am so glad. This past weekend, the boys competed in their second jiu jitsu tournament down in Anchorage. Unlike their last competition in October, however, the 2024 Alaska State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships was a gi tournmanet, and they went with their competition team for the first time.

2024 Alaska State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

Fairbanks is a really remote (all things considered) town about 6-8 hours north of Anchorage, so the trip for the 2024 Alaska State Brazilian Jiujitsu Championships was a long one, and we knew it would be a bit of a trip. To throw an added wrench in things, Ryan’s TDY right now, so I’m solo parenting whilst he’s out of the state. Rather than a super quick trip down to Anchorage this time, we knew we wanted to make it a real thing for the boys this time though, so we decided to get down there nice and early.

Friday was the day before the tournament, and kids’ weigh-ins took place starting at 5 PM. The boys weighed in the morning of their last tournament, and it was a huge scramble, so doing it the night before was so much better. Porter was set to compete in the kids’ grey belt 44-54 lb division, and Spencer was set to compete in the kids’ grey belt 64-74 division. Port weighed in at 50 lbs, and Spencer was right in the bottom of his weight class at 64.6 lbs….juuuuusssttt into that division. After weigh-ins, we sat through the rules seminar, and we got ready for a day of competing on Saturday.

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Kids’ Jiu Jitsu Tournaments in Alaska

There are only a few real tournaments here in Alaska each year, and this is a big one. We arrived bright and early Saturday morning with the kids’ yellow belts set to begin right at 9:15, followed by grey, then white belts. Since the boys are both grey, we knew they’d be up in the first groupings, and they needed to warm up with their team. Spencer was set to compete in match one, while Porter had a bye for his first.

There are some really good jiu jitsu gyms in the state, and there are four in Fairbanks that offer variations of jiu jitsu programs. Spencer and Porter are a part of Tribe, and we love it. It’s been a great fit, and since the competition team started up after the last tournament, they’ve really worked on dialing in their focus, their skills, and how to adapt through a match.

alaska brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments

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The Boys’ First Gi Tournament for Jiu Jitsu

The first tournament was a real learning experience for the boys, so it was so exciting to see how much they’ve grown throughout this past year of training. Spencer was up first, and he won his first match in an arm bar. It was a really good, clean match in which he started hard out of the gate and managed to get the takedown and keep the momentum throughout. He made it to the second round and was in great spirits. He lost his second match, but not in a submission – by points. Kids’ matches are four minutes, and his opponent had more points when the clock ran out, so she won. Overall, however, Spencer got 6th place in a really stacked division.

Porter waited almost two hours for his first match, then rolled and got an arm bar submission against his first opponent. He made it to the second round, and he got a choke submission after a longer, much harder match. His third match was the semi-final, and they rolled the full four minutes and lost by points. He had managed to get his opponent in a guillotine choke, but the clock ran out while he was working it. Overall, however, Porter got third place and won bronze for his division.

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What’s Next for the Boys’ Jiu Jitsu

The boys dive right back into training this week and will start prepping for their next tournament! Right now, that’s scheduled for October, but we’re looking to enter them somewhere in the lower 48 somewhere this summer so they have another opportunity to cut their proverbial teeth.

It’s been so fun watching them learn and grow in the sport, and we’re just loving seeing their progress. Even better though, their sportsmanship has improved, and watching them learn the rules of gameplay has been really cool, as well. I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next!