sh*t spencer says: volume 11

sh*t spencer says

You guys. I just realized this morning that I haven’t shared any of these “Sh*t Spencer Says” posts in, like, two whole years. Seriously. I haven’t shared one since 2021, which is just wild. Time flies. I keep a running list of the silly things my kids say on my phone though, and in going through my notes, I realized it’s high time I share a new volume for some laughs on a dreary Tuesday morning in interior Alaska. So, to add some levity to your day, here’s Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 11, pulling from the last two freaking years.

Sh*t Spencer Says: Volume 11

Looking at local election signs: // “That one says ‘Vote No.’ I vote no on lots of things. Like school. And Alaska. And digging up frozen dog poop.”

We’ve been learning about voting in homeschool, and Spencer finally found his voice and how he would like to vote on all things things…namely school. And Alaska.

Thinking about Korea: // “I think I figured out why I miss Korea. I think it’s because I’m actually Korean. I know I don’t look Korean or speak Korean, but I think I might actually be Korean.”

Same bud, same haha

When I told him he can’t turn the fireplace on in May: // “Well, did somebody tell Alaska that? Because it’s still cold.”

I mean, he’s not wrong though.

sh*t spencer says: volume 11

april in alaska

november in alaska

When Mieke farted at jiujitsu: // “Don’t worry about her. There’s just a duck in her butt.”

The way I laughed at this one shouldn’t actually be legal.

Looking at my engagement ring: // “So, on YouTube, the guy said you get diamonds if someone really loves you, but daddy only got you a blue stone and little diamonds. Does that mean he doesn’t love you that much?”

No bud. Our tenth anniversary says otherwise. Sigh.

On arriving to jiutjitsu without any socks or shoes: // “I guess I forgot the brain cell today, too.”

The best part is that he’s done this on more than one occasion.

unschooling journey

ice alaska with kids

When I found Spencer and Porter in the same bunk one morning: // “He wouldn’t talk to me, so I just got closer to make sure he could hear me.” 

Could he have been sleeping though? I guess we’ll never know!

These past 10 months of living back in the US have been nothing short of challenging, but this kiddo (well, all three, really) never cease to amaze me. Even when they’re challenged, or they’re down, or they’re navigating the same emotional hurdles as us, they find laughter and they keep their sense of humor. It’s the best thing ever to see that Red is just as funny today as he was when I started this series.

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