fridays in sedona

My mother and I left Fort Huachuca for Sedona late Thursday afternoon

to spend some time with good family friends from our swimming youth in New Jersey.

My good friends, Rebecca and Rita, swam with us until Reb went to SoCal prior to her first Olympics,

and with Rita studying in Texas,

their parents, whom we were visiting, found that Arizona was the place for them.


Sedona is an absolutely stunning area of the West.

The red rocks, the culture and the beautiful painted sunsets were to die for.

Though we didn’t get to see Reb or Rita this time around,

it was lovely to see the people who were pretty much our second parents for a good while.


Plus, it was so fun to see this new area of Arizona that I don’t really know,

and it was a lot of fun to see that Arizona can actually be pretty darn gorgeous.

Ryan hasn’t even visited Sedona yet, so I totally one-upped him there!

We explored main street and the Native American stores, all the while just soaking in the sights.

We didn’t get to explore Sedona as much as we might have liked because I was busy working,

and we only had one day with them,

but we really enjoyed having the time to see some of this strange, fun new area of the country.

It’s definitely a place I’ll have to visit again – for longer!